Rachel Cross

Rachel Chicchi Cross

Asst Professor

Rhodes Hall


CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt - 0071


PhD: Purdue University West Lafayette, IN, 2017 (Civil Engineering)

BAE/MAE: Penn State University University Park, PA, 2009 (Architectural Engineering)

Research and Practice Interests

Structural steel design and behavior, fire analysis and design, seismic analysis and design, multi-hazard resilience, anchorage in concreteStructural steel design and behavior, fire analysis and design, seismic analysis and design, multi-hazard resilience, anchorage in concrete

Research Support

Grant: #36574 Investigators:Chicchi, Rachel; Miller, Richard 07-01-2021 -06-30-2023 Federal Highway Administration Identification of Maintenance Practices to Impede Corrosion Impacts on Prestressed Concrete Box Beam Bridges Role:PI $176,453.00

Grant: #2020 Contract Investigators:Chicchi, Rachel 08-01-2020 -07-31-2022 Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Extended Testing of Strand Lifting Loop Capacity Role:PI $209,000.00

Grant: #2020 AISC Teaching Aid Grant Investigators:Chicchi, Rachel 01-01-2020 -12-31-2020 American Institute of Steel Construction Steel Connections: a teaching aid for design considerations Role:PI $8,000.00 Awarded Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #RGA #05-19 Investigators:Chicchi, Rachel; Fortney, Patrick; Shahrooz, Bahram 08-28-2019 -08-27-2021 Charles Pankow Foundation Steel Coupling Beams in Low-Seismic and Wind Applications Role:Collaborator $201,804.00 Active Level:Private Non-Profit

Grant: #UT20480 / ODOT 31795 - Task 4 Investigators:Chicchi, Rachel; Rassati, Gian; Swanson, James 02-28-2019 -10-01-2019 Ohio Department of Transportation Load Rating of the Combs-Hehl Stringers under Permit Vehicles Role:Collaborator $39,841.11 Awarded Level:State of Ohio

Grant: #L15134 Investigators:Chicchi, Rachel 02-01-2019 -01-31-2020 UC's Launch Awards Chicchi UC Research Lauch Award Role:PI $2,500.00 Active Level:Internal UC

Grant: #2018 PCI Mertz Bridge Research Fellowship Investigators:Chicchi, Rachel 12-01-2018 -11-30-2019 Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Strand Lifting Loop Capacity in Precast Bridge Beams Role:PI $35,000.00 Awarded Level:Industry

Grant: #OU UT20480 su ODOT 31795 sub FHWA E180338 Investigators:Chicchi, Rachel; Rassati, Gian; Swanson, James 05-23-2018 -02-06-2020 Federal Highway Administration Division of Engineering Research On-Call Services #31795 Task 2 Role:Collaborator $48,284.09 Active Level:Federal

Investigators:Chicchi, Rachel 01-01-2022 -12-31-2024 American Institute of Steel Construction Material Characterization and Implementation Strategies for High Strength Structural Steel in Building Applications Role:PI $173,866.00

Grant: #RCSC(AISC); Cross Investigators:Cross, Rachel; Rassati, Gian; Swanson, James 04-01-2023 -10-01-2024 Research Council on Structural Connections Research on Slip Coefficients of Metallic Coatings Role:PI $85,029.00


Peer Reviewed Publications

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