Alice Crowe

Alice Margaret Crowe

Graduate Assistant

Professional Summary

Alice Crowe is a PhD candidate specializing in Aegean Prehistory, with a particular focus on the archaeology of Late Bronze Age Crete. Her dissertation, “Ariadne’s City Unravels. Urban Dissolution at Late Bronze Age Knossos,” considers the physical and social processes through which cities come apart, investigating how Knossos transformed from the Aegean’s largest city to a modest village over the course of the Late Bronze Age (ca. 1430-1190 B.C.).

Alice has conducted archaeological fieldwork in Greece (Crete and the Mainland), Turkey, Albania, and Cyprus. She has been awarded the Archaeological Institute of America Pomerance Fellowship, the University of Cincinnati University Research Council Research Fellowship, and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens Emily Townsend Vermeule and Gorham Phillips Stevens fellowships in support of her research.

Prior to coming to Cincinnati, Alice received her B.A. in Archaeology and Classical Civilization from Boston University. 



B.A.: Boston University 2014 (Archaeology, Classical Civilization)

M.A. : University of Cincinnati 2016 (Classics)

Abbreviated Publications

Conference/Workshop Proceedings

Crowe, A. 2019. "Old Things, New Contexts: Bronze Age Objects in Early Iron Age Burials at Knossos." In MNEME. Past and Memory in the Aegean Bronze Age (Aegeaum 43), edited by E. Borgna, I. Caloi, F. M. Carinci, and R. Laffineur.  


Paper Presentations

Alice Crowe (01-07-2017. ) The Minoan Past in the Past: Bronze Age Objects in Early Iron Age Burials at Knossos, Crete .Toronto. Conference.

Alice Crowe (04-2018. ) Old Things, New Contexts: Bronze Age Objects in Early Iron Age Burials at Knossos .Venice. Conference.

Alice Crowe (02-2020. ) Household Ceramic Consumption at the Dawn of the ‘Mycenaean’ Aegean: Evidence from the Minoan Unexplored Mansion, Knossos .École française d'Athènes.