Sharon G Dean

Associate Professor

Professional Summary

Sharon Dean teaches American ethnic and women's literature, film, and composition. She has an extensive teaching and publishing background in films by and about women, with an emphasis upon the aesthetics of independent African American women filmmakers. Her article on the politics of invisibility in the films of Julie Dash and Kathleen Collins has appeared in Jump Cut and is part of a longer work. Through the Center for Women's Studies, where she previously served as Acting Associate Director, she has offered courses on American women writers, black women in film, and the "peculiar sisterhood" that exists among black and white women in fiction. Her dissertation, which she is completing at Indiana University, discusses the creation of surrogate communities in the work of black women writers of the Harlem Renaissance; her edition of A Hairdresser's Experience in High Life, an 1859 autobiography of a free black woman hairdresser in Cincinnati, is part of the Schomberg Collection of Nineteenth Century Black Women Writers. Her current scholarship focuses on the storytelling strategies used by returning women students to negotiate their cultural positions in first-year composition classes, on racial impersonation in slave narratives written by white women, and on the parallel cultural functions of theatrical minstrelsy and cinematic cross-dressing. Professor Dean has published widely in the area of Black Women's Studies and the Harlem Renaissance, most recently in the Oxford Companion to African American Literature.


Doctor of Arts: University of Illinois 1971

Research Support

2003 Success Challenge Grant Type:Grant

2003 Provost’s Award for Senior Faculty Mentor Type:Grant

2002 International Ethnic Women Writers Conference Women’s Studies Travel Grant Type:Grant

2002 -2004 University of Cincinnati Success Challenge Grant: Redesigning Placement at UC Type:Grant

06-03-2003 Collaborative Film Projects Interrnational Screening First Year Experience Grant Type:Grant

12-2001 Dean’s Supplemental Travel Funds Type:Grant

1998 -2000 Success Challenge Grant First Year Students and the Service Learning Experience Type:Grant

1997 -1999 University of Cincinnati College of Evening and Continuing Education Type:Fellowship

1997 University of Cincinnati Faculty Development Grant Type:Grant

06-02-1997 University of Cincinnati W.S. Travel Grant Type:Grant

1997 CECE General Education Course Proposal Grant Type:Grant

1995 University of Cincinnati Women's Studies Travel Grant Type:Grant

1994 University of Cincinnati General Education Summer Stipend Type:Grant

06-1994 -09-1994 General Education Course Development Summer Grant 1500.00 Type:Grant

1989 Racial Awareness Pilot Project, University of Cincinnati Emphasis on Diversity Award Type:Grant

1988 -1991 The Center for Women's Studies, University of Cincinnati Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) 140,000.00 Type:Grant

01-1988 -06-1988 The Ohio Humanities Council Liberty's Stepdaughters: Women, the Constitution, and the Evolution of American Citizenship 19,000.00 Type:Grant

05-1988 The Ohio Arts Council and Oho Humanities Counci Punching In: Women and Wage Work 30,000.00 Type:Grant

1985 The Graduate School, Indiana University Grant-in-Aid of Research Type:Grant

05-1987 The Ohio Arts Council The Other Hollywood: Black Images on the Silver Screen 1500.00 Type:Grant

06-1985 Lilly Endowment Perspectives on American Culture Through Cinema 21,295.00 Type:Grant

1984 NEH Negative to Positive: Strategies for Using Black Film in the University Classroom 150,000.00 Type:Grant

06-1983 Indiana Humanities Commission Creative Uses of Black Film: Workshops/Festival of Films by Independent Black Filmmakers 8500.00 Type:Grant

1982 Indiana Arts and Humanities Commission Widening the Margins: Issues in the Writing of Contemporary Black and White Women Writers 30,000.00 Type:Grant

1981 Indiana University The Southern Woman: Myth and Reality Type:Grant

1975 -1976 HEW Minorities Commission, State of Virginia American Minorities: Library Acquisition and Course Development Grant 315,000.00 Type:Grant

Abbreviated Publications

Work in Progress

"Black Writers of the Harlem Renaissance." Katherine Dunham. Ed. Steven Tracy.

Other Publication

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Paper Presentations

(05-2007. ) Ellison’s “Cadillac Flambé”: Race and Brand Identity .Durham, NC.

(09-2005. ) ’The Quality of Light’: Re-imagining in Film and Criticism the Poetry of Audre Lorde .

(04-2005. ) Why There’s No Uncle Tom’s Cabin in the Cincinnati Freedom Center .Long Beach, CA.

(03-25-2004. ) Sibyls and Sisters: Creative Alliances Among Women of the Harlem Renaissance .Ohio Wesleyan University.

(03-20-2003. ) Service Learning in a City Under Stress .New York.

(02-27-2003. ) ’Nonetheless Truthful, Nonetheless Strange’: A Black Hairdresser’s Experience of Cincinnati’s High Life .Cincinnati, OH.

(05-03-2002. ) The Educated Eye: Intertexuality of Literature and Film in the Writing Classroom .San Francisco, CA.

(04-24-2002. ) Double Exposures/Doubly Exposed .

(03-2002. ) Writing Across the Curriculum in Thailand .Chicago, IL.

(11-2001. ) Victim-Survivor-Heroine: Women’s Literature in a Service Learning Context .Kansas City, MO.

(03-2001. ) The Unbidden Child: Witnessing in Beloved and Daughters of the Dust .University of Maryland.

(02-2001. ) The Films of Gordon Parks: Weapons for Learning .Cincinnati, OH.

(01-2001. ) Color/Blind America: Hollywood’s Antidote for Communism’s Threat .Chicago, IL.

(2001. ) Out of the Classroom and Into the World: The Intersection of Professional and Pedagogical Mentoring .Denver, CO.

(10-13-2000. ) Sisters Under the Make-up: the Spectacle of Black and White Women’s Friendships in Literature and Film .West Virginia University.

(04-13-2000. ) Born in Flames: An Introduction to and Coda For The Current Post-Feminist Revolution .

(10-22-1999. ) Necessary Abrasions .Texas A&M University.

(05-18-1999. ) How do You Re-invigorate the Access Student? .Youngstown State.

(04-03-1998. ) Family Stories and the Problem of Disclosure in Classroom-based Research .Chicago, IL.

(11-08-1997. ) Theatre as Church and Film as Gospel: Race Films and the Aesthetics of Swing .Chicago, IL.

(11-02-1997. ) The Ethics of Canonizing the Community in Multi Cultural Readers for Composition .Detroit, MI.

(04-09-1997. ) Skin Deep: An Equality of Disclosure .Kent State University.

(03-14-1997. ) 'The Fabric of Our Lives'--And We Don't Mean Cotton: Popular Culture As Revisionary Text .

(02-21-1997. ) Lethe and Sethe: Maternal Memory in Their Eyes Were Watching God and Beloved .Grailville, OH.

(11-15-1996. ) 'Once a Pancake, Always a Pancake': The Politics of Makeup in Cinematic Drag .Bowling Green State University.

(10-11-1996. ) 'I Was His White Woman': Sisterhoods Under Stress in Waiting to Exhale .

(04-22-1996. ) Negotiating the Boundaries of Error: The Teacher as Tutor in the Editing Process .University of Cincinnati.

(04-13-1996. ) Performing Gender: Drag Queens and Hollywood's New Minstrel Show .University of Cincinnati.

(03-29-1996. ) Making the Move from the Outside In: How Students Negotiate Cultural Positions in First Year Composition Classes .Milwaukee, WI.

(02-23-1996. ) The Will of the Fathers: Women and 1950's Hollywood .Berea College.

(11-17-1995. ) From Margin to Center: The Use of Internal Narratives to Negotiate Outsider Status in the Composition Classroom .San Diego, CA.

(11-03-1995. ) 'They Were Here, Now They're Out There': Projections and Recesses in The Searchers .St. Louis, MO.

(10-13-1995. ) Double Consciousness as Empowerment: Strategies of the Home Community in the Composition Classroom .St. Louis, MO.

(06-11-1995. ) The Last Chance Edit: Re-visioning in the Contact Zone .Northern Kentucky University.

(06-06-1995. ) Towards a New Cinematic Sisterhood .University of Oklahoma.

(04-22-1995. ) From Brutus Jones to Desdemona Jones: Race Film's Riff on Theatrical Stereotypes .Rhode Island College.

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(04-08-1995. ) Making Narrative New .Bellarmine College.

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