Shannon Davis

Shannon Iris Davis , MS

Clinical Research Manager

One Stetson Square

COM Neu Stroke Broderick - 0525


Peer Reviewed Publications

Dickert, Neal W; Metz, Kathleen; Deeds, S Iris; Linke, Michael J; Mitchell, Andrea R; Speight, Candace D; Adeoye, Opeolu M (2022. ) Getting the Most out of Consent: Patient-Centered Consent for an Acute Stroke Trial.Ethics & human research, , 44 (2 ) ,33-40 More Information

Deeds, S Iris; Barreto, Andrew; Elm, Jordan; Derdeyn, Colin P; Berry, Scott; Khatri, Pooja; Moy, Claudia; Janis, Scott; Broderick, Joseph; Grotta, James; Adeoye, Opeolu (2021. ) The multiarm optimization of stroke thrombolysis phase 3 acute stroke randomized clinical trial: Rationale and methods.International journal of stroke : official journal of the International Stroke Society, , 16 (7 ) ,873-880 More Information

Contact Information

Phone: 5135582429