Vasileios Dimoglidis

Vasileios Dimoglidis

Graduate Assistant

University of Cincinnati, Department of Classics
410 Blegen Library
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221

Professional Summary

Vasileios Dimoglidis is a third-year PhD Student in Classics (Ancient Greek and Latin Philology). He received his BA and MA in Classics from the University of Ioannina (Greece). His main research areas focus on the concept of Time, Stagecraft, Poetics and the so-called Metapoetics of the Ancient Greek and Roman Theater. He is currently working on a project that examines the metaphorical use of the term caput in Seneca’s tragedies (SCS 2023).

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BA in Classics: University of Ioannina 2016

MA in Classics: University of Ioannina 2019

Research and Practice Interests

Ancient Greek and Roman Tragedy (esp. Euripides, Seneca); Ancient Greek and Roman Comedy (esp. Aristophanes, Plautus); Hellenistic poetry (esp. Aratus and Theocritus)

Metapoetry, Stagecraft, Narratology, Gender Studies and Classics; Translational Studies of Greek and Roman Theater; Latin Translations of Ancient Greek Literature; The Concept of Time in Ancient Greek and Roman Literature; Classics and Cinema.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Dimoglidis, V. (2014), “Euripides’ Electra: The Presentation of Clytemnestra’s Character”, Kymothoē 24: 271-285. [in modern Greek] .

Dimoglidis, V. (2015), “Stage Directions in Euripides’ Electra”, Kymothoē 25: 269-297. [in modern Greek] .

Dimoglidis, V. (2017), “The Course of Phaedra’s Erotic Passion in Euripides’ Hippolytus”, Archive 13: 12-20.

Dimoglidis, V. (2018), “Stage Directions and Metatheatre in Seneca’s Phaedra”, Kymothoē 28: 367-408. [in modern Greek] .

Dimoglidis, V. (2018), “Metatheatre in the Parodos of Euripides’ Ion. A Possibility of Parasatyric Referentiality”, Mediterranean Chronicle 8: 207-237. [in modern Greek with English Abstract] .

Dimoglidis, V. (2020), “Metaperformative Elements in Euripides’ Ion”, Irinna 7: 36-44. [in modern Greek] .

Dimoglidis, V. (2020), “Metamythology in Euripides’ Ion”, Eisodos - Zeitschrift für Literatur und Theorie 2020.1 Frühling: 10-27.

Dimoglidis, V. (2021), “Models for the Audience’s Emotional Response in Euripides’ Ion”, Archive 17: 6-15.

Dimoglidis, V. (2021), “Euripides’ Ion l.528: An Example of Comic Self-consciousness”, Electryone 8.1: 1-7.

Dimoglidis, V. (2022), "Plot-makers in Euripides’ Ion", Cuadernos de Filología Clásica. Estudios griegos e indoeuropeos 32: 115-134.

Dimoglidis, V. (2023), "Metadrama in Plautus’ Epidicus", Dodone Philology 45-48: forthcoming (26 double-spaced pages).

Other Publications

Dimoglidis, V. (2021), "A New Commentary on Euripides’ Ion - Gibert (J.C.) (ed.) Euripides: Ion. Pp. xiv + 383. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019. Paper, £25.99, US$33.99 (Cased, £74.99, US$99.99). ISBN: 978-0-521-59656-5 (978-0-521-59361-8 hbk)", The Classical Review 72.1: 46-48.

Published Books

Dimoglidis, V. & P. Piperias & A. Psomiadou (eds.) (2020), Twenty Studies in Ancient Greek and Latin Literature, Ioannina: Carpe Diem Press. [394 pages 17x24 cm, in modern Greek, ISBN: 978-618-84504-8-6] .

Book Chapter

Dimoglidis, V. (2018), “Modalities of Time in Euripides’ Hippolytus”, in Proceedings of the 9th Graduate and PhD Candidate Conference (Faculty of Philology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Athens, pp. 94-111. [in modern Greek]

Dimoglidis, V. (2020), “The Dramatic Function of the Curse (ἀρά) in Euripides’ Hippolytus”, in V. Dimoglidis & P. Piperias & A. Psomiadou (eds.), Twenty Studies in Ancient Greek and Latin Literature, Ioannina: Carpe Diem Press, pp. 329-343. [in modern Greek]


Paper Presentations

Dimoglidis, V. (October 05, 2017), “Modalities of Time in Euripides’ Hippolytus” (in modern Greek), in: 9th Graduate Students Conference in Philology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Dimoglidis, V. (June 05, 2021), “The Latin Translations of the Prooemium (ll.1-18) of Aratus’ Phaenomena. Reception and Interpretation” in: 7th Graduate Students Conference in Classics, University of Ioannina.

Dimoglidis, V. (January 06, 2023), “Nothing to do with the ‘head’? Hidden meanings of the caput in Seneca’s Thyestes and Agamemnon”, in: Society for Classical Studies (SCS) 154th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA (January 05-08, 2023).

Contact Information

Academic - University of Cincinnati, Department of Classics
410 Blegen Library
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45221