Virginia H Donaldson


Childrens Hospital Bldg R


COM Pediatrics CCHMC Aff Faculty - 0562

Research and Practice Interests

I have interest in the defense mechanisms available to the body in blood. My research is aimed at examining proteins, with respect to structure and function, which act in blood coagulation, fibrinolysis, the release of vasoactive polypeptides called kinins, and in the complement system, which participates in immune reactions. The interactions of several proteins in each system with those in others have been established. My emphasis is now given to examining the regulation of these systems by an inhibitorin plasma (C1-inhibitor) which regulates key enzymes in all of these systems.


Protein Purification,Computer Simulation in Business,Computer Simulation,Blood,Lymphatic System,Reticuloendothelial System,Physiology,Pathology,Physiology of Coagulation,Pathology of Coagulation,Serum Complement,Shock Effect,Hemorrhage Effect,Thrombosis,Embolism,Vascular Permeability,Immunogenetics