Janet Jiaxiang Dong

Associate Professor

Rhodes Hall


CEAS - Mechanical Eng Tech - 0072


PhD, Columbia University New York City, 2003 (Mechanical Engineering)

Research Support

Grant: #ODOT 30347 sub FHWA Investigators:Dong, Jiaxiang; Elzarka, Hazem 04-17-2017 -08-17-2018 Federal Highway Administration EVALUATION OF TRENCH DRAIN AND SLOTTED DRAIN MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING Role:Collaborator $299,174.74 Awarded Level:Federal

Grant: #Research Agreement 011825-002-PHII / W81XWH-18-C-0150 Investigators:Dong, Janet 10-15-2018 -10-15-2019 Department of the Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity Automated Tick Collecting Device Role:PI $65,000.00 Awarded Level:Federal