Lucas Dunlap

Lucas D Dunlap

Assistant Professor - Visiting

McMicken Hall


A&S Philosophy - 0374

Professional Summary

Lucas Dunlap is a philosopher with interests in the foundations of physics and metaphysics. His research has primarily been concerned with metaphysical issues in quantum mechanics, with a particular focus on quantum information theory.


PhD: University of Maryland 2015 (Philosophy)

MA: Columbia University 2009 (Philosophical Foundations of Physics)

Positions and Work Experience

2017 -2018 Faculty Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

2015 -2017 Postdoctoral Fellow, Rotman Institute of Philosophy, University of Western Ontario, London, ON


Peer Reviewed Publications

Dunlap, L. (2019. ) Would the Existence of a Closed Timelike Curve Allow for Nonlocal Signaling?.Erkenntnis, , 84 (1 ) ,215 More Information

Koberinski, A., Dunlap, L., and Harper, W. (2017. ) Do the EPR Correlations Pose a Problem for Causal Decision Theory?.Synthese, , More Information

Dunlap, L. (2016. ) The Metaphysics of D-CTCs: On the Underlying Assumptions of Deutsch's Quantum Solution to the Paradoxes of Time Travel.Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, , 56 ,39-47 More Information

Dunlap, L. (2015. ) On the Common Structure of the Primitive Ontology Approach and the Information- Theoretic Interpretation of Quantum Theory.Topoi, , 34 (2 ) ,359-367 More Information

Dunlap, L., Corris, A., Jacquart, M., Biener, Z., Potochnik, A. (2021. ) Divergence of values and goals in participatory research.Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, , 88 ,284 More Information

Courses Taught

-PHIL-1001 INTRO TH KNOWLEDGE Level:Undergraduate

-PHIL-1003 INTRO ETHICS Level:Undergraduate

-PHIL-1032 HOW SCIENCE WORKS Level:Undergraduate

-PHIL-2010 SYMBOLIC LOGIC Level:Undergraduate

-PHIL-1001 INTRO TH KNOWLEDGE Level:Undergraduate

Philosophy of Science Level:Undergraduate