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Birgit E. Ehmer

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Hall, Daniel P; Cost, Nicholas G; Hegde, Shailaja; Kellner, Emily; Mikhaylova, Olga; Stratton, Yiwen; Ehmer, Birgit; Abplanalp, William A; Pandey, Raghav; Biesiada, Jacek; Harteneck, Christian; Plas, David R; Meller, Jarek; Czyzyk-Krzeska, Maria F (2014. ) TRPM3 and miR-204 establish a regulatory circuit that controls oncogenic autophagy in clear cell renal cell carcinoma.Cancer cell, , 26 (5 ) ,738-53 More Information

Mikhaylova, Olga; Stratton, Yiwen; Hall, Daniel; Kellner, Emily; Ehmer, Birgit; Drew, Angela F; Gallo, Catherine A; Plas, David R; Biesiada, Jacek; Meller, Jarek; Czyzyk-Krzeska, Maria F (2012. ) VHL-regulated MiR-204 suppresses tumor growth through inhibition of LC3B-mediated autophagy in renal clear cell carcinoma.Cancer cell, , 21 (4 ) ,532-46 More Information

Solomkin, Joseph S; Robinson, Chad T; Cave, Cynthia M; Ehmer, Birgit; Lentsch, Alex B (2007. ) Alterations in membrane cholesterol cause mobilization of lipid rafts from specific granules and prime human neutrophils for enhanced adherence-dependent oxidant production.Shock (Augusta, Ga.), , 28 (3 ) ,334-8 More Information

Ehmer, Birgit; Gronenberg, Wulfila (2004. ) Mushroom body volumes and visual interneurons in ants: comparison between sexes and castes.The Journal of comparative neurology, , 469 (2 ) ,198-213 More Information

Buschbeck, E K; Ehmer, B; Hoy, R R (2003. ) The unusual visual system of the Strepsiptera: external eye and neuropils.Journal of comparative physiology. A, Neuroethology, sensory, neural, and behavioral physiology, , 189 (8 ) ,617-30 More Information

Ehmer, Birgit; Gronenberg, Wulfila (2002. ) Segregation of visual input to the mushroom bodies in the honeybee (Apis mellifera).The Journal of comparative neurology, , 451 (4 ) ,362-73 More Information

Ehmer, B; Reeve, H K; Hoy, R R (2001. ) Comparison of brain volumes between single and multiple foundresses in the paper wasp Polistes dominulus.Brain, behavior and evolution, , 57 (3 ) ,161-8 More Information

Ehmer, B; Hoy, R (2000. ) Mushroom bodies of vespid wasps. The Journal of comparative neurology, , 416 (1 ) ,93-100

Buschbeck, E; Ehmer, B; Hoy, R (1999. ) Chunk versus point sampling: visual imaging in a small insect. Science (New York, N.Y.), , 286 (5442 ) ,1178-80

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Leader, D P; Peter, B; Ehmer, B (1995. ) Analysis of CpG dinucleotide frequency in relationship to translational reading frame suggests a class of genes in which mutation of this dinucleotide is asymmetric with respect to DNA strand. FEBS letters, , 376 (3 ) ,125-9

Bischoff, Megan E; Zang, Yuanwei; Chu, Johnson; Price, Adam D; Ehmer, Birgit; Talbot, Nicholas J; Newbold, Michael J; Paul, Anurag; Guan, Jun-Lin; Plas, David R; Meller, Jarek; Czyzyk-Krzeska, Maria F (2021. ) Selective MAP1LC3C (LC3C) autophagy requires noncanonical regulators and the C-terminal peptide.The Journal of cell biology, , 220 (7 ) , More Information

Verma, Rita; Aggarwal, Parul; Bischoff, Megan E; Reigle, James; Secic, Dina; Wetzel, Collin; VandenHeuvel, Katherine; Biesiada, Jacek; Ehmer, Birgit; Landero Figueroa, Julio A; Plas, David R; Medvedovic, Mario; Meller, Jarek; Czyzyk-Krzeska, Maria F (2023. ) Microtubule-associated protein MAP1LC3C regulates lysosomal exocytosis and induces zinc reprogramming in renal cancer cells.The Journal of biological chemistry, , 299 (5 ) ,104663 More Information

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