Sameh Eisa

Sameh A. Eisa

Assistant Professor

Rhodes Hall


CEAS - Aerospace Eng & Eng Mechanics -

Professional Summary

Dr. Eisa is an assistant professor at the aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics department.

He is the PI of the Modeling, Dynamics and Control lab (MDCL):

Dr. Eisa grew up in the historical city of Alexandria, Egypt. He obtained his BSc in electrical engineering from the college of engineering at Alexandria University. Due to his early publication record, he was admitted to the applied and industrial mathematics Ph.D program in New Mexico Tech, NM, USA without finishing an MS degree. During his Ph.D, he collaborated with multiple engineering departments to advance his Ph.D research focus on modeling, dynamics and control. He developed a new physical-based model that allows for studying numerous aspects of dynamics and control in wind turbines. The new model and characteristics have been cited in the news and observed by major wind turbines manufacturers. After his Ph.D, he joined the mechanical and aerospace engineering department at University of California, Irvine. He conducted deep investigations of the geometric control theory and higher order averaging concepts and their applicability to bio-inspired emerging technologies of Robotics and UAVs as they inherently posses under-actuated and highly nonlinear systems. The research results regarding this work have led to new emerging frameworks on bio-inspired UAVs dynamics and control in which mimicking nature is more of a possibility. 

Educationally, Dr. Eisa has lectured in different departments, in different Universities. Before joining the University of Cincinnati, he lectured in the mathematics department of New Mexico Tech classes such as Calculs and Ordinary Differential Equations. He also lectured in the mechanical and aerospace engineering department of University of California, Irvine classes such as Introduction to Engineering Computation, Electric Circuits, Dynamics, Mechanical Systems Lab, and Fluid Mechanics.


BSc in Electrical Engineering: College of Engineering, Alexandria University Egypt, 2010

PhD in Applied and Industrial Mathematics: New Mexico Tech NM, USA, 2017

Research and Practice Interests

Dr. Eisa has a wide, broad and interdeciplinary research interests and achievements in the area of modeling, dynamics and control:

(1) Dynamical Systems and Control Theory: Nonlinear dynamics theory, stability and sensitivity, averaging theory, linear and nonlinear controllability, geometric control theory, vibrational stabilization, bifurcation, multiple time scales, and numerical methods and simulations.
(2) Mathematical Modeling, Engineering Systems/Applications, and Control Systems: Modeling, formulation, simulation and experimentation of engineering systems, dynamics and control of unmanned aerial vehicles, control systems in renewable energies, power and energy systems, modeling wind turbines, and bio-inspired robotics.
(3) Signal Processing and Imaging: Signal analysis, image processing and applications of machine/reinforcement learning methods.


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Post Graduate Training and Education

08-2017-07-2021 Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department at University of California, Irvine, USA, ,