Zag ElSayed

Zag ElSayed , PhD

Assistant Professor

Teachers College

CECH - School of Information Technology - 0002

Professional Summary

Zag ElSayed (Dr. Zag). He received his B.S.and M.S. with Distinction degree of Honor from Alexandria University in 2005. He got his second M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from UL at Lafayette in 2016, he worked as a research engineer and IT consultant in Egypt, Russia, Ukraine and USA. He a nationally recognized painting artist.
Zag ElSayed is a Computer Science and Automatic Control Engineering Scientist with 15+ years of academic experience and 12+ years of Industrial IT solutions Experience. He is specialized in Brain Computer Interface(BCI), Cybersecurity, Very Large Scale Integrated circuits design (VLSI), Integrated Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Industrial Internet of Things (I2oT), and Green Computing.

Research Support

Grant: #20-144-003 / H98230-20-1-0385 Investigators:Elsayed, Nelly; ElSayed, Zaghloul; Li, Chengcheng; Michael, Rebekah 09-16-2020 -09-17-2022 University of Colorado at Colorado Springs CAE-C in Cybersecurity Education Innovation Role:Collaborator $249,998.02 Active Level:Institution of Higher Education