Grace Epstein

Grace A. Epstein , BA, MA, PhD

Assistant Department Head, Associate Professor


Bachelor of Arts: Capital University Columbus, OH, 1971 (English and Drama)

MA: The Ohio State University Columbus, OH, 1986 (English, Creative Writing, Director: Robert CanzonieriThesis: "Minor Disturbances of the Heart)

PhD: Ohio State University Columbus, OH, 1990 (Twentieth Century Literature Narrative Theory The Novel)

Abbreviated Publications


“The Cookies,” flash fiction, published by S/tick 13 Repeat Defenders, p. 27-28.

“Hera Shoat,” flash fiction, published by S/tick 13 Repeat Defenders, p. 16-18.

“The Red Button,” short fiction, published by S/tick, 3.4. p.31-33.

“Getting Started,” short fiction, Esme.

“The Rehearsal,” story, Iris: A Journal About Women 13.1 (Summer 1993): 22-26.


“Negotiations,” play, QU: A Contemporary Literary Magazine: (4) pp. 18-49.

“My People,” play, Great Lakes Review, pp. 61-124.


“Remembering Munich: Rosh Pina, 1972,” poem, Open 24 Hours 2002: 87-89.

“Voices, Like Fumes” Montage of Life, poem, edited by Howard Ely, Washington D.C.: National Library of Poetry, 1997

Short Stories

“Ah, The Eternal City: Parts I, II, & III” short story, edited by Joy Williams, Joyzine and the Adventures of Zoë, September, October, 7 December 1, 1998


“Pilgrimage of Tears: Parts I and II,” non-fiction, edited by Joy Williams, Joyzine and the Adventures of Zoë, July 1, 1998 and August 1, 1998

Newspaper Article

"Navigating the World with Kentucky Women Writers," article, The Messenger-Iirenqur, January, 2002.

“An Interview with Toni Morrison,” article, in Ohio Writer ed. by Ron Antonucci for Mar/Apr 1999.

“Resurrecting the Ghost: Innocence and Recuperation in American Popular Film,” article, Delights, Desires and Dilemmas: Essays on Women and the Media edited by Ann C. Hall. Westport, Conn.: Praeger Publishers, 1998; 73-87.

“The Name of the Mother, Daughter, and Beloved Ghost: Toni Morrison’s Reformed Sacrament,” article, Journal of the Association of the Interdisciplinary Study of the Arts (Fall, 1996) 37-44.

“At the Intersection: Decolonizing Feminism through Narrative in Marsha Norman's ‘Third and Oak: The Laundromat’” article, Marsha Norman, ed. Linda Ginter Brown. New York: Garland Press, 1996; 27-46.

“Nothing to Fight For: Repression of the Romance Plot in the Film, The Handmaid's Tale,” article, The Pinter Review: Annual Essays 1992-93. Ed. Francis Gillen and Steven H. Gale. Tampa: University of Tampa Press, 1993; 56-60.

Bodily Harm: Female Containment and Abuse in the Romance Narrative” article, Genders 16 (Spring 1993): 80-93

“Out of Blue Water: Dream Flight and Narrative Construction in the Novels of Toni Morrison,” article, State of the Fantastic: Studies in the Theory and Practice of Fantastic Literature and Film. Ed. Nicholas Ruddick. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1992; 141-147.

Popular Magazine Article

“'Like A Prayer': Female Desire and Representation in the Music and Image of Madonna,” article, Popular Cultur eReview 3.2 (August 1992): 19-28.

Other Publication

“Strictly Anonymous,” selected and staged for reading as part of the Midwest Dramatists Workshop Conference, September 29, 2018.

“The Exercise” short play, staged reading, Itinerant Theatre, Lake Charles, LA May 26, 2018

“Rural Free Delivery,” from the full length play, Kentucky Theatre Association, November 17, 2017, Jenny Wiley Theatre, 218 Second Street, Pikesville, KY.

“About the Funeral,” short play, staged reading, Itinerant Theatre, Lake Charles, LA, May 6, 2017

“A Family Matter,” short play, staged reading, Itinerant Theatre, Lake Charles, LA, April 1, 2017.

“Expecting,” short play, staged reading, Itinerant Theater, Lake Charles, LA, May 7, 2015.

Raising the Dead, full length play, produced by Wesleyan Players, February 13-23, 2003

"Traces of Light" World Premiere, Wesleyan Players, Kentucky Wesleyan College, Owensboro, November 2000.

“Women Who Kill,” Spring, 1993, Contemporary American Theater Company of Columbus, OH.


“God Hates Fags: The Rhetorics of Religious Violence by Michael Cobb,” review, The Archives of Sexual Behavior online,, editor, K.J. Zucker, October 2007.

“Fragments of Light: review of enough by Rick London & Leslie Scalapino,” review, English Studies Forum, 1.1 Spring 2004.

Out of Place by Edward W. Said,” review, The Antioch Review 58:1 (Winter 2000).

The Pagoda by Pamela Powell,” review, The Antioch Review 57:2 (Spring 1999).

The Farming of Bones by Edwidge Danticat,” review, The Antioch Review 57:1 (Winter 1999).

A Paradise of Bombs by Scott Russell Sanders,” review, The Columbus Dispatch (March 30, 1988).

The Earth Abideth by George Dell,” review, The Journal, (Spring, 1987).

With All My Might by Erskine Caldwell,” review, Columbus Dispatch, (April 7, 1987).


Invited Presentations

(2018. ) “Bumper Sticker Faith" .Indianapolis, IN. Conference. .

(2018. ) Interview with Bill McCann on series of Kentucky Playwrights .

(2017. ) Panel Discussion on the film “Winnie” .Engineering Research Building,

(2017. ) “Taking Flight” .Conference. .

(2017. ) “Pressing the Red Button" .

(2016. ) “Intention” .Carnegie Center for Literacyand Learning, Lexington, KY .

(2016. ) "Carnival of Memory: Multi-focus Narrativity in 01 '09" .Memory and Representation, Popular Culture Association , Seattle WA.

(2016. ) "The Altar" .Creative Writing, Popular Culture Association , Seattle WA.

(2014. ) Dramaturge, "Honour" a play by Joanna Murray Smith .

(2014. ) "Vectors of Babble: Considering Orgins and values in Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's Narrative Film Babel" .Popular Culture Association, Chicago, IL.

(2013. ) "Crossing Over: Borders in World Cinema and Cinema Studies" .Society of Cinema and Media Studies , Chicago, IL. Conference. .

(2012. ) "Streaming Bab [bl] el. Iñarritu's Narrative Representations of 9/11 Trauma" .Popular Culture Association, Boston, MA .

(2011. ) "Giving Life to Death: Repressed Memory in Waltz with Bashir" .Popular Culture Association, San Antonio, TX .

(2011. ) "Locked", short fiction reading .Popular Culture Association, San Antonio, TX .

(2010. ) "A Grey Zone: Holocaust Representation as Cultural and Historical Breakdown" .Popular Culture Association, St. Louis, MO .

(2010. ) "Issac at the Altar" .Popular Culture Association, St. Louis, MO .

(2008. ) "Intransitivity and Small Narratives in the Indie Cinema" .Philadelphia, PA .

(03-10-2007. ) "Interactive Documentary and Media-making" .Chicago, IL . Conference. .

(2006. ) Bleeding History: Second Generation Responses to the Holocaust .Popular Culture Association, Atlanta, GA. Conference. .

(2006. ) Here's Looking at You, Kid: Casablanca and American Mythology .Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute , Cincinnati, OH.

(2005. ) Raising the Dead, First Unitarian Universalist Theater Reading Circle .Rue de la Paix , Paris, France . Level:International

(2005. ) Beloved's Sites of Sorrow and Sacrifice: America's Narrative of Lost Children .Cincinnati, OH. Conference. .

(2004. ) Entering the Global Conversation: American Students and the texts of a Third World .Dayton, OH. Conference. .

(2004. ) Lying in the Ruins: Memory, Experimentation, and Trauma in Holocaust Narrative Film .Dekalb, IL . Conference. .

What's Theory Got to Do with It?: Abandoning the Stealth Bomber and Big Mac Approach to Teaching Film .Dayton, OH. Conference. .

(2003. ) The Janis View: Finding the Past in the Future According to Margaret Atwood's Handmaid .University of Wales-Swansea, Wales, UK . Conference. . Level:International

(2002. ) Kentucky Women Writers .Delta Kappa Gamma-Phi Sorority Chapter, Harrodsburg, KY .

(2001. ) Appalachian Women Writers .Third Tuesday Coffee House, Owensboro, KY .