J. Espinoza

J. Mauricio Espinoza

Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature/Cultural Studies

Professional Summary

My areas of research are Latin American cultural studies, Central American literature, and Latino/a studies. Within Latin American studies, I concentrate on film/TV and graphic narrative (comics and graphic novels). Within Central American literature, I study poetry and migration narratives. Finally, I study issues of migration, identity formation, and visual representation of Latinos/as in U.S. popular culture.

In addition to research, I write original poetry and translate the work of Central American poets (particularly the twentieth-century Costa Rican poet Eunice Odio).


Ph.D. in Latin American Literatures and Cultures, The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio, 2015 (Latin American Cultural Studies and Latino/a Studies)

M.A. in Latin American Cultural Studies, The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio, 2011 (Latin American Studies (History and Literature))

M.A. in Latin American Literature, Universidad de Costa Rica San José, Costa Rica, 2000 (Latin American Literature)

B.A., Ashland University Ashland, Ohio, 1998 (Journalism, Electronic Media Production, and English)

Positions and Work Experience

2016 -To Present Assistant professor, Spanish and Latin American Literature/Cultural Studies, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

2009 -2016 Adjunct professor, Writing, Communication, and Hispanic Culture/Language, The Ohio State University-Wooster, Wooster, Ohio

Research and Practice Interests

Latin American Cultural Studies
Latino/a Studies
Film Studies
Graphic Narrative
Central American Literature
Literary Translation
Creative Writing
Digital Humanities


Peer Reviewed Publications

Espinoza, Mauricio (2016. )“Círculos viciosos: Migración y violencia en la narrativa y el cine trans-centroamericanos” .Istmica, ,19 ,159-169

Espinoza, Mauricio (2012. )“From ‘Mother/Land’ to ‘Woman/Nation’: Destabilizing Nation and Gender Structures in the Costa Rican Film El Camino” .Polifonia, ,1 (1 ),93-104

Espinoza, Mauricio (2017. )“Neoliberalism in the Gutter: Latin American Comics and Society since the 1990s”.Studies in 20th & 21st Century , ,42 (1 ),

Espinoza, Mauricio (2014. )“Latino/a Hero-Making in Robert Rodriguez’s Films: Identity and Ideology” .Post Script: Essays in Film and the Humanities, ,33 (3 ),73-84

Espinoza, Mauricio (2011. )“Dawn of the Latino Zombie: Transnationalism, Spirituality, and Postcolonial Struggle in the Comic Book and Film El Muerto” .Hispanet, ,4 ,1-29

Espinoza, Mauricio (2002. )“El Corazón del Juego: El Juego de Pelota Mesoamericano como Texto Cultural en la Literatura y el Cine Contemporáneos" .Istmo, ,4 ,

Other Publications

Espinoza, Mauricio (2017. )“Amor y Locura: Mexican Micro-Comics in Historical Context" .Between Love & Madness: Mexican Comic Art of the 1970s, 5-10

Book Chapter

Espinoza, Mauricio (2018 )“Drawing Up a ‘Post’-Latin America: The Possibilities and Limits of Gender Imagination in Post-Apocalyptic, Post-Human, and Post-Historical Graphic Narrative” The Routledge Companion to Gender, Sex and Latin American Culture .New York,Routledge(Author)

Espinoza, Mauricio and Luis Estrada Orozco (2018 )“Hard Punches, Vulnerable Bodies: Latin American Boxing Films and the Intersections of Gender, Class, and Nation." The Routledge Companion to Gender, Sex and Latin American Culture .New York,Routledge(Co-Author)

Espinoza, Mauricio (2018 )“Migra Mouse: Immigration, Satire, and Hybridity as Latino/a Decolonial Acts" Immigrants and Comics: Graphic Spaces of Remembrance, Transaction, and Mimesis .New York,Routledge(Author)

Espinoza, Mauricio (2019 )“Ready Useköl One: Bribri-Inspired Gaming in Neoliberal Costa Rica" Indigenous Interfaces: Spaces, Technology, and Social Networks in Mexico and Central America .Tucson,University of Arizona Press(Author)

Espinoza, Mauricio (2016 )“The Alien is Here to Stay: Otherness, Anti-Assimilation, and Empowerment in Latino/a Superhero Comics” Graphic Borders: Latino Comics Past, Present, and Future .(pp. 181-202).Austin,University of Texas Press(Author)

Espinoza, Mauricio (2016 )“Fifty Shades of Green: The Meshing of Culture, Teaching and Business in College Campuses’ Sustainability Efforts” Remaking the American College Campus .(pp. 27-41).Jefferson,McFarland(Author)

Espinoza, Mauricio (2015 )“El amanecer del zombie latino-estadounidense: Transnacionalismo, hibridez y lucha postcolonial en el cómic y filme El Muerto" Terra zombi: El fenómeno transnacional de los muertos vivientes .(pp. 62-79).San Juan, PR,Isla Negra Editores(Author)

Espinoza, Mauricio (2014 )“The Borderland Construction of Latin American and Latina Heroines in Contemporary Visual Media” Heroines of Comic Books and Literature: Portrayals in Popular Culture .(pp. 81-93).Lanham, MD,Scarecrow Press(Author)

Espinoza, Mauricio (2014 )“Latino Advertising, Spanish-Language Media, and the Creation of a Pan-Ethnic Cultural Identity” We Are What We Sell: How Advertising Shapes American Life… And Always Has .(pp. 70-83).Santa Barbara,ABC-CLIO(Author)

Encyclopedia Article

Espinoza, Mauricio (2018. )50 Events that Shaped Latino History: An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic .Santa Barbara, ABC-CLIO(Author)

Espinoza, Mauricio (2017. )A Planetary Republic of Comics .(Author)

Additional Publications

Book of Poems

Espinoza, Mauricio Respiración de piedras .Respiración de piedras .San José, Costa Rica,Editorial de la Universidad de Costa Rica(Author)

Creative Translation

Odio, Eunice. Keith Ekiss, Sonia P. Ticas and Mauricio Espinoza (trans). (2018. )Portland,Tavern Books(Co-Author)

Odio, Eunice. Keith Ekiss, Sonia P. Ticas and Mauricio Espinoza (trans). (2016. )Fayetteville, NY,Bitter Oleander Press(Co-Author)

Odio, Eunice. Keith Ekiss, Sonia P. Ticas and Mauricio Espinoza (trans). (2015. )Portland,Tavern Books(Co-Author)

Odio, Eunice. Keith Ekiss, Sonia P. Ticas and Mauricio Espinoza (trans). (2013. )Portland,Tavern Books(Co-Author)

Honors and Awards

2017 -2018 “Grant Proposal for the Creation of the UC Latino Faculty Association” University of Cincinnati's Office of Equity and Inclusion; $5,000 matching funds from UC LEAF. Status:Recipient Level:University Type:Grant


UC Latino Faculty Association (Leadership Committee )Committee Member Type:University/College Service Level:University 2017 -2018

Latin American, Caribbean and Latinx Studies Program (Executive Committee )Committee Member Type:University/College Service Level:University 2017 -2018

Contact Information

Academic - 710C Old Chemistry Building
2855 Campus Way
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45221
Phone: 513-556-1578