Zishaan Farooqui

Zishaan Farooqui , MD

Medical Resident/Fellow


Medical Degree: University of Michigan 2019


Peer Reviewed Publications

Farooqui Z.; Johnston M.; Schepers E.; Brewer N.; Hartman S.; Jenkins T.; Bondoc A.; Pai A.; Geller J.; Tiao G.M. (05-01-2023. ) Quality of Life Outcomes for Patients Who Underwent Conventional Resection and Liver Transplantation.Children, , 10 (5 ) , More Information

Delman A.M.; Turner K.M.; Ammann A.M.; Sisak S.; Farooqui Z.; Holm T.M. (03-01-2023. ) The national rate of malignancy among Bethesda III, IV, and V thyroid nodules is higher than expecte.Surgery (United States), , 173 (3 ) ,645-652 More Information

Farooqui Z.; Cortez A.R.; Potts J.R.; Tiao G.M.; Von Allmen D.; Quillin R.C.; Bondoc A.J.; Garrison A.P. (02-01-2023. ) 10 Year Analysis of Pediatric Surgery Fellowship Match and Operative Experience: Concerning Trends?.Annals of Surgery, , 277 (2 ) ,E475-E482 More Information

Casar Berazaluce A.M.; Moody S.; Jenkins T.; Farooqui Z.; Shebesta K.; Kotagal M.; Falcone R.A. (05-01-2021. ) Catching the red eye: A retrospective review of factors associated with retinal hemorrhage in child .Journal of Pediatric Surgery, , 56 (5 ) ,1009-1012 More Information

Lautz T.B.; Farooqui Z.; Jenkins T.; Heaton T.E.; Doski J.J.; Cooke-Barber J.; Murphy A.J.; Davidoff A.M.; Mansfield S.A.; Kim E.S.; Zuber S.; Goodhue C.; Vasudevan S.A.; LaQuaglia M.P.; Piche N.; Le-Nguyen A.; Aldrink J.H.; Malek M.M.; Siow V.S.; Glick R.D.; Rich B.S.; Meyers R.L.; Short S.S.; Butter A.; Baertschiger R.M.; Fialkowski E.A.; Dasgupta R. (03-01-2021. ) Thoracoscopy vs thoracotomy for the management of metastatic osteosarcoma: A Pediatric Surgical Onco.International Journal of Cancer, , 148 (5 ) ,1164-1171 More Information

Wagner M.L.; Farooqui Z.; Elson N.C.; Makley A.T.; Pritts T.A.; Goodman M.D. (11-01-2020. ) Characterizing Early Inpatient Death After Trauma.Journal of Surgical Research, , 255 ,405-410 More Information