Monica Ferrante

Monica Ferrante

Medical Resident/Fellow

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
“Be good in school.” Those are the words delicately written on a greeting card gifted to me by my grandparents each visit over the last eight years. Unfamiliar with the concepts of my biochemistry degree and medical school, their years of construction equipped them to better discuss matters of my real estate license than my academic pursuits as a 1st generation professional school student. In rural Italy, my grandparents did not receive formal education beyond the second grade as their education consisted of mastering pragmatic trades that would promote their survival an ocean away from home. Despite thriving in a new land, there was a common theme in their lives regardless of location: issues with healthcare accessibility, literacy, and mistrust of the system. During my third-year clerkships, it became evident how pervasive these sentiments were among many patients I served. They shared the same questions and experiences expressed by family: Are they listening? What is wrong with my body? What do I do, who do I see, where do I go? These questions not only motivated me to pursue medicine but also to seek an Internal Medicine residency, so that I may be part of the answer.
Why I Chose Cincinnati
There were so many reasons I chose to come to UC, but I think 2 is the main ones were the people at UC! In an age of virtual interviews becoming the new norm where it is sometimes difficult to get a feel for programs, the fact that everyone from administration to chiefs to residents and PD were instantly welcoming, personable, and genuine resonated with me strongly. I instantly felt at home and that everyone genuinely was interested in getting to know me, my future, and where they could fit in to help me achieve those goals. Abundant opportunities! Being interested in a subspecialty, research and in-house fellowship programs were crucial considerations during my residency application process. UC's robust reputation for research, in-house hematology/oncology fellowship, and generous mentorship program was very exciting. I'm also interested in medical education and UC continues to remain a leader in that forefront through its teaching opportunities and ACGME Educational Innovations ProjeCT membership. 


DO: Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine