Llewelynn Fletcher

Llewelynn Olson Fletcher

Annualized Adjunct Assistant Professor

Professional Summary

Fletcher creates inhabitable sculptures made for listening to one’s own inner space and body. Investigating the notion that both clothing and architecture are structures built around the body, she merges a material and physical engagement with questions of potential transformation and change.  She focuses this investigation toward themes of human-animal kinship, and the body’s central role within that inquiry.  Her recent sculptures take aim at human exceptionalism in an effort to shake up this long-standing socio-political hierarchy as part of an ongoing fight for all differently bodied lives’ right to be.

Influences and research include the critical theories of Judith Butler, Sarah Ahmed, and Donna Haraway, the prehistoric animal carvings and drawings in the Dordogne Valley, and the emerging discipline of Animal Studies and the Posthumanities.  Fletcher's work inquires: how can our paleo-past inform our post-human future?  Ultimately, Fletcher’s sculptures pose new and thought-provoking questions, inviting people who interact with them to slow down and explore these possibilities for themselves.

Fletcher has a forthcoming solo exhibition at Northern Arizona University Art Museum, is a 2017 recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award, and has been an artist in residence at Anderson Ranch, c3 initiative, and Sedona Summer Arts Colony.


  • MFA California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA 2010
  • BA Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 1999
  • -- International School of Art, Umbria Italy 1998

Preferred Information

Annualized Adjunct Assistant Professor,