Lane Frasier

Lane L Frasier , MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Clinical

Medical Sciences Building
231 Albert Sabin Way
ML 0558
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267
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Bachelor's Degree: Michigan State University East Lansing, MI, 2006

Medical Degree: University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI, 2011

Master's Degree: University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI, 2016

Residency: University of Wisconsin Madison, WI, 2019 (General Surgery)

Fellowship: University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA, 2020 (Surgical Critical Care)


American Board of Surgery (Certification Date: 10-22-2019 )

American Board of Surgery (Surgery Critical Care) (Certification Date: 04-12-2021 )

Clinical Interests

Critical Care Surgery

General Surgery


Surgery-Critical Care

Research and Practice Interests

Research Support

Grant: #CS TAT 1690 TDL 20 Investigators:Frasier, Lane; Goodman, Michael 10-01-2021 -08-31-2022 Air Force Research Laboratory Validation of Dynamic Preload Assessment Technologies at Cabin Altitude Pressure with and without a Temporary Abdominal Closure using a swine model with graded hemorrhage Role:Collaborator 466187.01 Hold Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Frasier, Lane L; Pavuluri Quamme, Sudha R; Wiegmann, Douglas; Greenberg, Caprice C (2020. ) Evaluation of Intraoperative Hand-Off Frequency, Duration, and Context: A Mixed Methods Analysis.The Journal of surgical research, , 256 ,124-130 More Information

Azari, David P; Frasier, Lane L; Quamme, Sudha R Pavuluri; Greenberg, Caprice C; Pugh, Carla M; Greenberg, Jacob A; Radwin, Robert G (2019. ) Modeling Surgical Technical Skill Using Expert Assessment for Automated Computer Rating.Annals of surgery, , 269 (3 ) ,574-581 More Information

Frasier, Lane L; Pavuluri Quamme, Sudha R; Ma, Yue; Wiegmann, Douglas; Leverson, Glen; DuGoff, Eva H; Greenberg, Caprice C (2019. ) Familiarity and Communication in the Operating Room.The Journal of surgical research, , 235 ,395-403 More Information

Greenberg, Caprice C; Ghousseini, Hala N; Pavuluri Quamme, Sudha R; Beasley, Heather L; Frasier, Lane L; Brys, Nicole A; Dombrowski, Janet C; Wiegmann, Douglas A (2018. ) A Statewide Surgical Coaching Program Provides Opportunity for Continuous Professional Development.Annals of surgery, , 267 (5 ) ,868-873 More Information

Frasier, Lane L; Pavuluri Quamme, Sudha R; Becker, Aimee; Booth, Sara; Gutt, Adam; Wiegmann, Douglas; Greenberg, Caprice C (2017. ) Investigating Teamwork in the Operating Room: Engaging Stakeholders and Setting the Agenda.JAMA surgery, , 152 (1 ) ,109-111 More Information

Frasier, Lane L; Azari, David P; Ma, Yue; Pavuluri Quamme, Sudha R; Radwin, Robert G; Pugh, Carla M; Yen, Thomas Y; Chen, Chia-Hsiung; Greenberg, Caprice C (2016. ) A marker-less technique for measuring kinematics in the operating room.Surgery, , 160 (5 ) ,1400-1413 More Information

Frasier, Lane L; Holden, Sara; Holden, Timothy; Schumacher, Jessica R; Leverson, Glen; Anderson, Bethany; Greenberg, Caprice C; Neuman, Heather B (2016. ) Temporal Trends in Postmastectomy Radiation Therapy and Breast Reconstruction Associated With Changes in National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guidelines.JAMA oncology, , 2 (1 ) ,95-101 More Information

Frasier, Lane L; Leverson, Glen; Gosain, Ankush; Greenberg, Jacob (2015. ) Laparoscopic versus open Ladd's procedure for intestinal malrotation in adults.Surgical endoscopy, , 29 (6 ) ,1598-604 More Information

Frasier, Lane L; Greenberg, Caprice C; Neuman, Heather B (2015. ) Leveraging comparative effectiveness research to improve the quality of multidisciplinary care for breast cancer patients.Cancer treatment and research, , 164 ,15-30 More Information

Frasier, Lane L; Malani, Preeti N; Diehl, Kathleen M (2013. ) Splenectomy in older adults: indications and clinical outcomes.International journal of hematology, , 97 (4 ) ,480-4 More Information

Honors and Awards

2014 -2015 AAS Research Fellowship Award Status:Recipient Type:Grant

2014 -2016 AHRQ F32 Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Status:Recipient Type:Grant

2018 American College of Surgeons Jameson L. Chassin, MD, FACS, Award for Professionalism in General Surgery Status:Recipient Type:Recognition

2019 Ben Lawton Award for Excellence in Medical Student Teaching Status:Recipient Type:Recognition

Contact Information

Academic - Medical Sciences Building
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45267
Phone: (513)558-5661
Fax: (513) 558-3136