Damir Garcia

Damir Garcia

Sr Research Assistant

Vontz Center


COM Rad Onc Oria Lab - 0521


Certificate of Higher Education (HNC): Spain, 06-2005 (Analysis and Control Laboratory Technician)

Vocational Education and Training (VET): Spain, 06-2002 (Laboratory Technician)

Positions and Work Experience

2023 - Senior Research Assistant , University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

2007 -2023 Laboratory Manager, Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca, Barcelona, Spain

2019 - Contracted Professional Technician, BAYLOS 5.0 LEGAL ADVISORS, S.L., Madrid, Spain

2002 - Laboratory Technician in Practice, Catalunya Government Agriculture Plant Health Laboratory, Spain

2004 - Laboratory Technician in Practice, LACER S.A., Spain


Peer Reviewed Publications

Garcia-Pedemonte D, Carcereny A, Gregori J, Quer J, Garcia-Cehic D, Guerrero L, Ceretó-Massagué A, Abid I, Bosch A, Costafreda MI, Pintó RM, Guix S. (12-06-2023. ) Comparison of Nanopore and Synthesis-Based Next-Generation Sequencing Platforms for SARS-CoV-2 Variant Monitoring in Wastewater.Int J Mol Sci, , 24 (24 ) ,17184 More Information

Colomer-Castell S, Gregori J, Garcia-Cehic D, Riveiro-Barciela M, Buti M, Rando-Segura A, Vico-Romero J, Campos C, Ibañez-Lligoña M, Adombi CM, Cortese MF, Tabernero D, Esteban JI, Rodriguez-Frias F, Quer J. (12-06-2023. ) In-Host HEV Quasispecies Evolution Shows the Limits of Mutagenic Antiviral Treatments.Int J Mol Sci, , 24 (24 ) ,17185 More Information

Ibañez-Lligoña M, Colomer-Castell S, González-Sánchez A, Gregori J, Campos C, Garcia-Cehic D, Andrés C, Piñana M, Pumarola T, Rodríguez-Frias F, Antón A, Quer J (02-20-2023. ) Bioinformatic Tools for NGS-Based Metagenomics to Improve the Clinical Diagnosis of Emerging, Re-Emerging and New Viruses.Viruses, , 15 (2 ) ,587 More Information

Campos C, Colomer-Castell S, Garcia-Cehic D, Gregori J, Andrés C, Piñana M, González-Sánchez A, Borràs B, Parés-Badell O, Adombi CM, Ibañez-Lligoña M, Esperalba J, Codina MG, Rando-Segura A, Saubí N, Esteban JI, Rodriguez-Frías F, Pumarola T, Antón A, Quer J (12-29-2022. ) The frequency of defective genomes in Omicron differs from that of the Alpha, Beta and Delta variants.Sci Rep, , 12 (1 ) ,22571 More Information

Gregori J, Colomer-Castell S, Campos C, Ibañez-Lligoña M, Garcia-Cehic D, Rando-Segura A, Adombie CM, Pintó R, Guix S, Bosch A, Domingo E, Gallego I, Perales C, Cortese MF, Tabernero D, Buti M, Riveiro-Barciela M, Esteban JI, Rodriguez-Frias F, Quer J. (11-24-2022. ) Quasispecies Fitness Partition to Characterize the Molecular Status of a Viral Population. Negative Effect of Early Ribavirin Discontinuation in a Chronically Infected HEV Patient. Int J Mol Sci., , 23 (23 ) ,14654 More Information

Contact Information

Research - The Vontz Center - Oria's Lab
3125 Eden Avenue
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45219