Mike Gasaway

Mike Lawrence Gasaway

Assistant Professor - Practice

Professional Summary

Mike Gasaway is an award winning Director with over 13 years of directing/producing experience, specializing in computer animation.  He’s directed on three award winning shows and has helped build 2 animation studios - one with a traditional production approach and another with international partners. 

Walt Disney Imagineering is where Mike started his career where he animated on virtual attractions including Hercules and The Pirates of the Caribbean.

Following a brief stint working with Naughty Dog, Inc on the video game, Jak and Daxter, he moved to Dallas, Texas, to work for DNA Productions as a Supervising Animator on the film, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.  After production wrapped, DNA made Mike one of two directors for the Nickelodeon television series: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.

While at DNA, Mike directed more than 16 hours of television, including 3 one-hour shows and 1 hour and a half special.  During that time, he won an Annie Award for Best Children’s Animated Series and was nominated for an Annie Award for Best Directing in an Animated Series.

From 2006-2009, while at O Entertainment, Mike served as Supervising Director on Back at the Barnyard, directing 14 episodes and supervising 33 episodes.

In 2008, Mike's team of directors was nominated for an Emmy Award® in two categories.  One for Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program and the other for Outstanding Animated Program Special Class. The following year, Back at the Barnyard earned an Emmy Award® for Outstanding Animated Program Special Class.

Mike brought the show Planet Sheen to O Entertainment, a show he had co-created at DNA Productions, and acted as Co-Producer and Supervising Director.

Mid 2017 brought Mike full circle back to Cincinnati where he's been teaching animation while gathering funding for his films. He has completed pre-production on his first live-action feature horror film, Beaten Path, where he's helming as well as being co-writer and producer.



Bachelors of Architecture: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, 2016 (Architecture)