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B.S., University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, WI,, 1994

Ph.D., Mayo Graduate School Rochester, MN, 2000

Research and Practice Interests

The human body is composed of an estimated 50 trillion cells that can be classified into
approximately 210 different cell types. Altogether, these cells form organ systems that perform specialized functions required for digestion, respiration, immunity, locomotion, sensory detection, and decision-making. Amazingly, each cell type arises from a common fertilized egg, and with very rare exceptions, contains an identical set of genomic instructions. Unfortunately, our lack of understanding of how the genome is differentially utilized to direct the formation of each cell type currently limits our ability to treat a variety of human maladies including human birth defects. My laboratory is focused on understanding how transcription factors regulate the expression of target genes to specify distinct cells, tissues, and organs along the body plan of the fruit-fly Drosophila melanogaster. Since the genetic pathways regulating development are highly conserved between flies and mammals, we can take advantage of the powerful genetic approaches available in Drosophila to uncover new insights into human development. Overall, my goals are to obtain a high-resolution understanding of how conserved transcription factors are integrated to yield cell-specific gene expression during fly development and to translate these findings into mammalian systems through collaborations with other laboratories here at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Bryantsev, Anton L; Duong, Sandy; Brunetti, Tonya M; Chechenova, Maria B; Lovato, TyAnna L; Nelson, Cloyce; Shaw, Elizabeth; Uhl, Juli D; Gebelein, Brian; Cripps, Richard M (2012. ) Extradenticle and homothorax control adult muscle fiber identity in Drosophila.Developmental cell, , 23 (3 ) ,664-73

Fujioka, Miki; Gebelein, Brian; Cofer, Zenobia C; Mann, Richard S; Jaynes, James B (2012. ) Engrailed cooperates directly with Extradenticle and Homothorax on a distinct class of homeodomain binding sites to repress sloppy paired.Developmental biology, , 366 (2 ) ,382-92

Li-Kroeger, David; Cook, Tiffany A; Gebelein, Brian (2012. ) Integration of an abdominal Hox complex with Pax2 yields cell-specific EGF secretion from Drosophila sensory precursor cells.Development (Cambridge, England), , 139 (9 ) ,1611-9

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