Anna Gebhardt

Anna L Gebhardt

Medical Resident/Fellow

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
I was originally introduced to medicine when I was thirteen years old and attended a university medical trip to rural Honduras with my father. Given the lack of facilities and resources available, I was able to experience the immense collaboration necessary to help our patients combat their diseases, which, I later learned is the true art of medicine. This concept is what drew me towards becoming a physician; to be a great physician, you not only have to be well-versed in medicine but also well-rounded. This is what I have kept in mind all these years later as I study and strive to effectively practice medicine. Moreover, as a lifelong athlete, I always relish the opportunity to watch teamwork in motion, understanding everyone’s respective strengths and contributing to our joint success in a manner in which I am most needed. These lessons and the broad scope of practice are what solidified my interest in Internal Medicine.
Why I Chose Cincinnati
While interviewing for residency positions, I knew that I wanted a large program with an academic focus that had the community and culture of a small town. Cincinnati was the program that I felt embodied those qualities. I had the opportunity to rotate at UC my fourth year as an AI, and all the people that I worked with were passionate about education, patient care and helping their fellow residents. After my interview and rotation there, I knew that UC would be a program that would not only challenge me, but also foster a great learning environment and help me achieve my goals as a resident physician.