Keshar Ghimire

Keshar M. Ghimire

Assistant Professor


PhD (Economics): Temple University, Philadelphia 2016

BA: Hunter College, City University of New York New York, NY, 2011 (Economics and mathematics)

MA: Temple University Philadelphia, PA, 2013 (Economics)

Research and Practice Interests

Applied Econometrics, Labor Economics, Health Economics,  Entrepreneurship, Immigration, Public Policy


Peer Reviewed Publications

Keshar M. Ghimire and Johanna Catherine Macleann (2015. ) Economic conditions at school-leaving and self-employment . Economics Letters, ,

Keshar M. Ghimire (2018. ) Impact of children's health insurance benefit on labor supply of adults: evidence from newly arrived immigrants . Economics Bulletin, ,

Keshar Ghimire and Catherine Maclean (2019. ) Medical marijuana and Workers' Compensation claiming . Health Economics, ,

Catherine Maclean, Keshar Ghimire, Lauren Nicholas (2020. ) Marijuana legalization and disability claiming . Health Economics, ,

Keshar Ghimire (2021. ) Supply of Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Native Entrepreneurship. IZA Journal of Development and Migration , , 12 (1 ) ,

More Information

Kabir Dasgupta, Keshar Ghimire, Alexander Plum (2021. ) Impact of state children's health insurance program on fertility of immigrant women .Applied Economics Letters, , 1-13


Labor economics, Health economics, Immigration, Entrepreneurship, Econometrics

Other Information

Under Review:

"The impact of smoking during pregnancy on children's body weight" (with Kabir Dasgupta and Gail Pacheco)

"Does Marijuana Legalization Affect Work Capacity? Evidence from Workers' Compensation Benefits" NBER Working Paper 28471 (with Rahi Abouk, Catherine Maclean, and David Powell)

"Is It Time to Let go of the Past? Effect of Clean Slate Regulation on Employment and Earnings" ( with Kabir Dasgupta and Alexander Plum)

Work in Progress:
Labor market outcomes of Nepali diaspora in the US: evidence from the American Community Survey

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