Steve Gilday

Steve D Gilday

Fourth - Year Resident


MD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

PhD, University of Cincinnati


Peer Reviewed Publications

Gilday, Steven D; Chris Casstevens, E; Kenter, Keith; Shearn, Jason T; Butler, David L (2013. ) Murine patellar tendon biomechanical properties and regional strain patterns during natural tendon-to-bone healing after acute injury.Journal of biomechanics, ,

Breidenbach, Andrew P; Gilday, Steven D; Lalley, Andrea L; Dyment, Nathaniel A; Gooch, Cynthia; Shearn, Jason T; Butler, David L (2013. ) Functional tissue engineering of tendon: Establishing biological success criteria for improving tendon repair.Journal of biomechanics, ,

Butler, David L; Dyment, Nathaniel A; Shearn, Jason T; Kinneberg, Kirsten R C; Breidenbach, Andrew P; Lalley, Andrea L; Gilday, Steven D; Gooch, Cynthia; Rao, M B; Liu, Chia-feng; Wylie, Christopher (2013. ) Evolving strategies in mechanobiology to more effectively treat damaged musculoskeletal tissues.Journal of biomechanical engineering, , 135 (2 ) ,020301

Craig, Michael P; Gilday, Steven D; Dabiri, Dana; Hove, Jay R (2012. ) An optimized method for delivering flow tracer particles to intravital fluid environments in the developing zebrafish.Zebrafish, , 9 (3 ) ,108-19

Craig, Michael P; Gilday, Steven D; Hove, Jay R (2006. ) Dose-dependent effects of chemical immobilization on the heart rate of embryonic zebrafish.Lab animal, , 35 (9 ) ,41-7

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