Alex Golden

Alex Marie Golden

Graduate Assistant

731 Rieveschl Hall

Professional Summary

paleoethnobotany, archaeology, Central America, plant domestication, diet reconstruction
Advisor: Dr. Lentz


B.S.: University of South Carolina Columbia, 2017 (Biological Sciences & Anthropology)

Research and Practice Interests

I am a PhD student in the Lentz Lab, conducting paleoethnobotanical research on the ancient Mayans. My dissertation will involve studying differences in diet between social strata at Yaxnohcah, a Mayan city in Campeche, Mexico. This will involve studying charcoal from hearths and middens (trash pits), as well as carbonized seed remains, primarily from middens.


paleoethnobotany, Mayan archaeology, archaeobotany, archaeology, botany

Contact Information

Academic - 731 Rieveschl Hall