Ana Gonzalez Manteiga

Post Doc Fellow

Vontz Center


COM Rad Onc Oria Lab - 0521

Professional Summary

Dedicated and highly passionate neuroscientist deeply driven to unravel the
intricacies of neural circuit formation and plasticity in health and disease in CNS. Actively seeking a postdoctoral research position that provides the opportunity to delve into these research interests and contribute to cutting-edge research in the neuroscience field. Eager to collaborate with leading groups and leverage my expertise in stereotaxic technics, viral tracing, histological procedures, mouse motor behavior and image analysis to advance our comprehension of brain function in mental health. Highly independent researcher who thrives teamwork. Excellent communication skills in both academic or generic audience and motivated to fostering a culture of teaching and mentoring among fellow students.


Degree in Biology (minor in Health Biology): Universidad Complutense de Madrid Madrid, Spain, 2017

Master in Neuroscience: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Madrid, Spain, 2019

PhD in Biotechnology (Cum Laude): Universitat Politècnica de València Valencia, Spain, 2023 (“Understanding the role of Nrg1 signaling upon brain damage: novel models of cortical regeneration”. Supervised by Pietro Fazzari, PhD.)

Positions and Work Experience

09-01-2019 -10-27-2023 PhD Candidate, Lab of Cortical Circuits in Health and Disease, Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe (Valencia, Spain). Supervised by Pietro Fazzari, PhD. I earned an extensive foundation in molecular and cellular neurobiology, with a specific expertise in cell cultures (HEK293T line and primary neuron cultures), advanced stereotaxic techniques, viral tracing, motor behavior analysis, and precise quantification of neural structures through stereological and cellular image analysis. In addition to my research endeavors, I actively participated in scientific communication, which involved attending international conferences, contributing to the authorship of scientific articles, and developing fellowship proposals., Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe, Valencia, Spain

11-01-2021 -12-20-2021 International PhD Stay, Supervised by Karsten Ruscher, PhD. During this short visit, I furthered my expertise in cortical damage, gaining experience with the phototrombic stroke model and motor impairment assessment. Additionally, I initiated a collaborative project between Dr. Ruscher and Dr. Fazzari to explore the impact of Nrg1 signaling on dopaminergic neurotransmission following stroke., Laboratory for Experimental Brain Research, BMC in Lund University, Lund, Sweden

09-01-2018 -09-01-2019 Master's thesis student, “Characterization of primary microglial cultures and the effect of the oligomeric form of ß-amiloid in the biology of microglial cells”. This project encompassed the production of neonatal and adult microglial cultures and the use of techniques such as flow cytometry and qRT-PCR. Supervised by Eva-María Cano López, PhD. , Neuroinflammation Area (UFIEC) in Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid, Spain

09-20-2016 -07-13-2017 Bachelor's thesis student, “Social Environment Effect over the Antioxidant Defenses in Hemizygote Mice for Tyrosine Hydroxylase”. I employed a variety of biochemical techniques, including espectrophotometry and the use of enzymatic activity kits, to analyze the impact on various mouse tissues. Supervised by Professor Mónica de la Fuente del Rey, PhD. , Lab of Aging, neuroimmunology and nutrition in Biology Science Faculty (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Madrid, Spain


Peer Reviewed Publications

González-Manteiga, A., Navarro-González, C., Sebestyén, V., Saborit-Torres, J., de la Iglesia-Vayá, M., Fazzari, P. (2022. ) A novel in vivo model for multiplexed analysis of callosal connections upon cortical damage. .International Journal of Molecular Science, , 23 (15 ) ,8224 More Information

Navarro-González C, Carceller H, Benito Vicente M, Serra I, Navarrete M, Domínguez-Canterla Y, Rodríguez-Prieto Á, González-Manteiga A, Fazzari P. (2021. ) Nrg1 haploinsufficiency alters inhibitory cortical circuits. .Neurobiology of Disease, , 157 , More Information

Rodríguez-Prieto, A*., González-Manteiga, A*., Domínguez-Canterla, Y., Navarro-González, C., Fazzari, P. (2021. ) A Scalable Method to Study Neuronal Survival in Primary Neuronal Culture with Single-cell and Real-Time Resolution.Journal of visualized experiments (JoVE), , 173 , More Information


Poster Presentations

González-Manteiga, A., Navarro-González, C., Sebestyén, V., Saborit-Torres, J., Fazzari, P. (07-2022. ) A novel in vivo model for multiplexed analysis of callosal connections upon cortical damage. FENS, Paris, France. . Other Institution. . Level:International

Ana González Manteiga, Carmen Navarro González, Ángela Rodríguez Prieto, Yaiza Domínguez Canterla, Pietro Fazzari. (05-2021. ) NRG1 SIGNALING PROMOTES CORTICAL REGENERATION UPON INJURY .EMBO virtual Workshop of Molecular neurobiology, Virtual edition. . Workshop. . Level:International

Ana González Manteiga, Carmen Navarro González, Ángela Rodríguez Prieto, Yaiza Domínguez Canterla, Pietro Fazzari. (2020. ) NRG1 signaling promotes axonal regeneration upon injury” .IV National Congress for Young Researchers in Biomedicine, Virtual edition. . Workshop. . Level:National

Honors and Awards

09-2021 International Research and Training Mobility Program (AMPER 2021) European fellowship to develop my international short stay during my PhD. Status:Recipient Level:International Type:Fellowship

09-2019 -12-2022 PhD Fellowship PhD Research Fellowship. Highly competitive grant given by Generalitat Valenciana (ACIF/2019/015) to develop my PhD, which less than 50% of applicants achieve it. Generalitat Valenciana Status:Recipient Level:National Type:Fellowship

09-2017 -06-2018 Collaboration Fellowship National competitive grant given by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. Status:Recipient Type:Grant

Student Advising

Abraham Ortega Reboso (Undergrad ) Student Thesis Preceptor Status:Completed 07-2021

Evita Valentina Sebestyén (Undergrad ) Student Thesis Preceptor Status:Completed 07-2022