Keesha Goodnow

Keesha V Goodnow

Research Assistant

Medical Sciences Building


COM Fam Med Research - 0582

Department of Family and Community Medicine Research Division
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0582

Professional Summary

Keesha Goodnow, BAE is a research assistant in the Department of Family and Community Medicine.  She earned her Bachelor Degree in Education from Eastern Washington University and is a licensed educator in Ohio.  

As Program Coordinator for the $1.95 million grant, Partnering with Underserved Patients: A Novel Health Transformation Curriculum from the Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, her background and experience in education make her well-suited to oversee the day-to-day operations of the project which includes content areas in quality improvement, medication assisted treatment, effective communication, patient and family advisory councils (PFAC), social determinants of health and home-based primary care. She has been critical in the development, launch, and sustainability of multiple PFACs and is a recognized voice on the importance of involving patients and families in healthcare.  Specific duties include: supporting faculty physicians, designing curriculum, creating and maintaining PFACs, developing program evaluation and growing scholarly dissemination.

Keesha is also the Associate Director of the Cincinnati Area Research Improvement Group (CARInG) Network supporting the CCTST Community Engagement Core through faciliation and development of learning communities disseminating and implementing best practices in community engagement and team science.  In addition, she is the program manager for the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) grant for black prenatal patients.


Bachelor of Arts in Education, Eastern Washington University Cheney, WA, 1987 (Major: Special Education Minor: Reading)

Positions and Work Experience

1987 -1990 Educator, Life Skills/Vocational Training Teacher Career Education Teacher, Billings Public Schools District, Billings, MT

1991 -1993 Educator, Special Education Teacher Exceptionalities Teacher, Nine Mile Falls School District, Nine Mile Falls, WA

2010 -2012 Educator, Substitute Teacher, Camas Public Schools, Camas, WA

2015 -2016 Educator, Substitute Teacher, New Richmond Village Exempted School District, New Richmond, OH

Research Support

Grant: #T0BHP28567 Investigators:Dr. Jeff Schlaudecker 07-01-2015 -06-30-2021 Health Resources and Services Administration Primary Care Training and Enhancement Grant Role:Program Coordinator 1.95 million Active Type:Grant

Investigators:Dr. Jim Huebi (Childrens)and Dr. Brett Kissela (UC) 04-01-2020 NIH: Clinical Translational Science Award Center for Clinical & Translational Science and Training (CCTST) Role:Associate Director Type:Grant

Investigators:Dr. Montiel Rosenthal 01-01-2020 Cradle Cincinnati/Ohio Department of Medicaid Role:Program Manager


Peer Reviewed Publications

Schlaudecker JD, Goodnow K, Goroncy A, Hartmann R, Regan S, Rich M, Butler A, White C (2019. ) Meaningful Partnerships: Stages of Development of a Patient and Family Advisory Council at a Family Medicine Residency Clinic.J Participat Med , , 11 (1 ) ,

Bedard-Thomas, Julia; Gausvik, Christian; Wessels, Jonathan; Regan, Saundra; Goodnow, Keesha; Goroncy, Anna (2019. ) I Live Alone but Don't Feel Alone: Social Isolation and Loneliness From the Patient Perspective.Journal of patient-centered research and reviews, , 6 (4 ) ,262-266

Goroncy, Anna; Goldstein, Hannah; Goodnow, Keesha; Pallerla, Harini; Regan, Saundra (2020. ) Evaluating Resident Home Visit Performance: Introducing a Feedback Form Linked to ACGME Milestones.Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, , 68 (3 ) ,E1-E3

Goroncy, Anna; Makaroff, Katherine; Trybula, Marcus; Regan, Saundra; Pallerla, Harini; Goodnow, Keesha; Schlaudecker, Jeffrey (2020. ) Home Visits Improve Attitudes and Self-Efficacy: A Longitudinal Curriculum for Residents.Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, ,

Rich, M., Mattern, M., Pallerla, H. and Goodnow, K. (2020. ) Learning about community resources using the Jigsaw method.Medical Education, ,

Schlaudecker, J., Zamudio, O., Goodnow, K., Pallerla, H., & Regan, S. (2020. ) Using Patient Voice to Personalize the Opioid Epidemic: An Evaluation of 2 Educational Interventions. .Journal of Patient Experience, ,

Electronic Journal

Goodnow, Keesha (12-24-2017. ) 7 Lessons in Launching a Patient & Family Advisory Council .Physicians Practice ,

Goodnow, Keesha (05-23-2019. ) 5 strategies to breathe new life into your Patient and Family Advisory Council .Physicians Practice,

Goodnow, K (2020. ) Three reasons to prioritize your Patient and Family Advisory Council during the Coronavirus pandemic. .Physician Practice,


Invited Presentations

Goodnow, K (08-23-2018. ) Refreshing your PFAC: Strategies for a meaningful Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) .The Christ Hospital Patient Care Transformation Manager Meeting, Cincinnati, OH. Level:Local

Goodnow, K (10-11-2018. ) Meaningful Partnerships: Utilizing Patient and Family Advisory Council to Address the Unique Needs of Vulnerable Populations .Ohio Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocates, Lewis Center, Ohio. Level:State

Poster Presentations

Ciani K, Koch K, Putnam M, Goodnow K, Regan S, Schlaudecker J (07-29-2017. ) (In Press. ) The Patient and Family Advisory Council: A Training Model for Meaningful Collaboration in a Residency Program .American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students, Kansas City, MO. . Conference. . Level:National

Goroncy A, Makaroff K, Goodnow K, Regan S (11-18-2017. ) Residents' Reflections on Continuity of Care and Social Determinants of Health in a Home Based Primary Care Practice .North American Primary Care Research Group Annual Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. . Level:International

Goroncy A, Regan S, Goodnow K, Schlaudecker J. (05-2018. ) Development and Pilot Testing of a novel, milestone-based direct observation feedback tool for Family Medicine Residents conducting geriatric home visits. Annual Scientific Meeting of American Geriatric Society, Orlando, FL. . Level:National

White C, Goodnow K, Regan S, Leonard A (11-10-2018. ) Unpacking the Black Box of Asynchronous Patient Portal Communication: Finding Consensus for a New Milestone-based Tool .North American Primary Care Research Group Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL. . Level:National

Wessels J, Goroncy A, Rich M, Regan S, Goodnow, K (11-10-2018. ) A Comparison of Social Determinants of Health for Homebound and Outpatient Family Medicine Patients and the Perception by Family Medicine Residents .North American Primary Care Research Group Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL. . Level:National

Bedard-Thomas J, Gausvik C, Wessels J, Regan S, Goodnow K, Goroncy A (05-03-2019. ) Social isolation and loneliness from the patient perspective: a thematic analysis .Annual Scientific Meeting of American Geriatric Society, Portland, OR. . Level:National

Goodnow K, Regan S, Hartmann R, Schlaudecker J (08-13-2020. ) Going to the source: Create a Patient and Family Advisory Council for meaningful collaboration. .North American Primary Care Research Group Practice-based Research Network, Virtual. . Level:International


Hartmann, R, Goodnow, K, Bhattacharyya, D (12-02-2017. ) The Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC): A Guide to the Creation of a PFAC in a Family Medicine Center .Louisville, KY. Conference. Level:National

Schlaudecker J, Goodnow K, Rich M, Goroncy A. (06-12-2018. ) Meaningful Partnerships: Utilizing Patient and Family Advisory Council Led Quality Improvement to Address the Unique Needs of Vulnerable Populations. Baltimore, MD. Conference. Level:International

Schlaudecker J, Goodnow K, Goroncy A, Rich M, Hartmann R, White C (09-27-2018. ) Learning from Our Mistakes: How to Teach Residents about Quality Improvement, Secure Messaging, Home Visits, and Social Determinants of Health .Cincinnati, OH. Conference. Level:Regional

Goodnow, K (10-11-2018. ) Utilizing Patient and Family Advisory Council to Address the Unique Needs of Vulnerable Populations .Columbus, OH. Conference. Level:State

Hartmann R, Peters E, Goodnow K, Schlaudecker J (12-06-2019. ) Family matters: Bringing patients and providers together for meaningful quality improvement .Phoenix, AZ. Conference. Level:National

Goodnow K, Hartmann R, Schlaudecker J (08-13-2020. ) Purpose in the Pandemic: Pivot your Patient and Family Advisory Council to Virtual Gatherings .Virtual. Level:International

Schlaudecker J, Dattilo R, Goodnow, K (08-24-2020. ) Heroin, Homelessness, and Hope: Using Patient Voice to Engage Family Medicine Faculty and Residents in the Opioid Epidemic .Virtual. Level:National


Hargraves D, Goodnow K, White C (09-15-2017. ) The Evolving Role of Patients' Voices in Residency Communication Curriculums .Chicago, IL. Conference. Level:National

Contact Information

Research - Department of Family and Community Medicine Research Division
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45267-0582
Phone: 513-558-6234