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Erin M Grant

Business Administrator

Procter Hall
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Cincinnati, Ohio 45221
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Associate of Applied Science: University of Cincinnati Blue Ash, 2006 (Biological laboratory techniques)

Positions and Work Experience

10-2015 -To Present Financial Analyst II, Monitoring and interpret financial data. Prepare financial and statistical reports. Conduct financial feasibility studies. , University of Cincinnati, College of Nursing,

01-2015 -10-20-2015 Grants Administrator II, – Communicating directly with sponsors regarding invoices and expense reports. Set up grants in UC financial system notifying Colleges when funds are available for use as well as monitoring expenses for validity while confirming they are in line with the aims of the projects. Closing awards in a timely manner ensuring expenses and revenue are reported accurately. Reviewing cost transfer requests, processing return of funds to sponsor, and processing transfer of funds to Colleges when appropriate., University of Cincinnati, Sponsored Research Services,

05-2013 -01-2015 Grant Administrator II, Meet regularly with faculty to discuss upcoming grant submissions, read and understand requests for applications. Prepare monthly reports for the Dean with updates on grant submissions, expenditures, submissions and variances. Hold monthly meetings with faculty to discuss planning of grant expenses, personnel effort putting those plans into place via PCRs and monthly allocations. Current duties also include training of replacement., University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine,

2009 -2013 Financial Administrator 1, Assist Principal Investigators with grant submissions via COEUS. Track monthly budgets for four labs using SAP. Meet with each PI regularly to discuss budgeting, hiring, ordering. Responsible for ordering and P-card tracking for four labs. Set up travel for PIs, staff and visitors. Manage calendars. Assist with work and travel visas. Arrange and advertise monthly trainee seminars and faculty colloquia at the Metabolic Diseases Institute. Maintain conference room schedule for Reading Campus. Arrange highly valuable overseas shipments of live animals and experimentals on dry ice., University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology

2006 -2009 Research Assistant, RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, Real Time PCR, colorimetric assays, FPLC, multiplex assay for biomarkers, mouse and rat care, intraperitoneal injections, submandibular blood draws, glucose/insulin tolerance testing, dissection and collection of tissue and brain sectioning, indirect calorimetry. , University of Cincinnati, Metabolic Diseases Institute, Reading Campus


Peer Reviewed Publications

Müller, Timo D; Sullivan, Lorraine M; Habegger, Kirk; Yi, Chun-Xia; Kabra, Dhiraj; Grant, Erin; Ottaway, Nickki; Krishna, Radha; Holland, Jenna; Hembree, Jazzminn; Perez-Tilve, Diego; Pfluger, Paul T; DeGuzman, Michael J; Siladi, Marc E; Kraynov, Vadim S; Axelrod, Douglas W; DiMarchi, Richard; Pinkstaff, Jason K; Tschöp, Matthias H (2012. ) Restoration of leptin responsiveness in diet-induced obese mice using an optimized leptin analog in combination with exendin-4 or FGF21.Journal of peptide science : an official publication of the European Peptide Society, , 18 (6 ) ,383-93 More Information

Habegger, Kirk M; Grant, Erin; Pfluger, Paul Thomas; Perez-Tilve, Diego; Daugherty, Alan; Bruemmer, Dennis; Tschöp, Matthias H; Hofmann, Susanna M (2011. ) Ghrelin Receptor Deficiency does not Affect Diet-Induced Atherosclerosis in Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor-Null Mice.Frontiers in endocrinology, , 2 ,67 More Information

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Hofmann, Susanna M; Perez-Tilve, Diego; Greer, Todd M; Coburn, Beth A; Grant, Erin; Basford, Joshua E; Tschöp, Matthias H; Hui, David Y (2008. ) Defective lipid delivery modulates glucose tolerance and metabolic response to diet in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice.Diabetes, , 57 (1 ) ,5-12 More Information

Hofmann, Susanna M; Zhou, Li; Perez-Tilve, Diego; Greer, Todd; Grant, Erin; Wancata, Lauren; Thomas, Andrew; Pfluger, Paul T; Basford, Joshua E; Gilham, Dean; Herz, Joachim; Tschöp, Matthias H; Hui, David Y (2007. ) Adipocyte LDL receptor-related protein-1 expression modulates postprandial lipid transport and glucose homeostasis in mice.The Journal of clinical investigation, , 117 (11 ) ,3271-82 More Information

Castañeda, Tamara R; Abplanalp, William; Um, Sung Hee; Pfluger, Paul T; Schrott, Brigitte; Brown, Kimberly; Grant, Erin; Carnevalli, Larissa; Benoit, Stephen C; Morgan, Donald A; Gilham, Dean; Hui, David Y; Rahmouni, Kamal; Thomas, George; Kozma, Sara C; Clegg, Deborah J; Tschöp, Matthias H (2012. ) Metabolic control by S6 kinases depends on dietary lipids.PloS one, , 7 (3 ) ,e32631 More Information

Castañeda, T R; Nogueiras, R; Müller, T D; Krishna, R; Grant, E; Jones, A; Ottaway, N; Ananthakrishnan, G; Pfluger, P T; Chaudhary, N; Solomon, M B; Woods, S C; Herman, J P; Tschöp, M H (2011. ) Decreased glucose tolerance and plasma adiponectin:resistin ratio in a mouse model of post-traumatic stress disorder.Diabetologia, , 54 (4 ) ,900-9 More Information

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