James M. Gray

Assistant Professor of Clinical-Affiliate

Childrens Hospital Bldg R

COM Pediatrics Emergency Medicine - 0054


Peer Reviewed Publications

Walsh, Patrick S; Gray, James M; Ramgopal, Sriram; Lipshaw, Matthew J (2022. ) Risk of malignancy following emergency department Bell's palsy diagnosis in children.The American journal of emergency medicine, , 53 ,63-67 More Information

Gray, James M; Schnadower, David; LaFollette, Ryan; Shah, Ashish S; Sobolewski, Brad (2022. ) Going viral: A scoping review of the current state and impact of online research dissemination in emergency medicine.AEM education and training, , 6 (1 ) ,e10725 More Information

Gray, James M; Roback, Mark G (2021. ) Case Studies of Challenges in Emergency Care for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder.Pediatric emergency care, , 37 (12 ) ,e1756-e1758 More Information

Gray, James M; Hendrickson, Marissa A (2021. ) Ondansetron prescription for vomiting associated with 72-hour ED return reduction.The Journal of pediatrics, , 228 ,310-313 More Information

Hester, Gabrielle Z; Watson, David; Nickel, Amanda J; Ryan, Nicholas; Jepson, Bryan; Gray, James; Bergmann, Kelly R (2019. ) Identifying Patients With Kawasaki Disease Safe for Early Discharge: Development of a Risk Prediction Model at a US Children's Hospital.Hospital pediatrics, , 9 (10 ) ,749-756 More Information