Ingrid L Grupp


Research and Practice Interests

My research interests and expertise include the fundamental contractile processes in the mammalian heart: Myocardial function of genetically-altered mouse hearts the dynamics of the isolated work-performing heart of small mammals (mouse, guinea pig, rabbit) experience in length-tension, pressure-volume, and force frequency relationships production of low flow ischemia/hypoxia with and without pharmacological intervention; cardiac glycosides, adenylate cyclase inhibitors, calcium antagonists and ionophores the consequences of Hypoxia and ischemia / reperfusion injury on cardiac performance in genetically altered mouse hearts isolated myocardial tissue-preparations from atria and ventricles, especially from human myopathic hearts and transgenic mouse hearts


Pharmacology,Cardiology,Physiology,Membrane Transport,Cardiovascular System,Cardiac Disease,Hormone,Coronary Artery Disease,Hemodynamics,Regional Vascular Pattern,Dose-response Studies,Cellular Pharmacology,Drug Action Receptor,Drug Action Site,Drug Therapeutic Evaluation,Transgenic