Delaney Harness

Delaney Grace Harness

Asst Professor

Professional Summary

Dr. Delaney Harness studies environmental governance,  centering on interorganizational and collective action networks in sustainability and human rights initiatives. She focuses on how transparency and surveillance mechanisms impact environmental and social governance for corporate actors, NGOs, and governments in the face of current social justice issues and emergent regulatory frameworks. 

She has received distinctions for her scholarship from the National Communication Association and International Communication Association.  She was awarded the inaugural C-SPAN Graduate Fellowship for her work on norm entrepreneurship in US policy.  She has previously worked on grant-funded projects with the Swedish Center for Environmental Research (MISTRA), looking at sustainability in market-based organizations, and on grant-funded research with the Omidyar Network to understand the role of democracy in digital spaces.  


PhD: Univeristy of Texas at Austin 2022 (Organizational Communication & Technology)

MA: Purdue University 2017 (Strategic Communication with an emphasis in Computational Methods)

BA: University of Oklahoma 2015 (Public Relations and International Studies)