Andrew Hendrix

Andrew Hendrix

Medical Resident/Fellow

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
I came to medical school to become a surgeon. Now, I realize that for most professionals in my intended field of internal medicine, this would be a secret they lock in a box, throw away the key, then bury the box. But when I think about my journey to the beginning of residency and the pinnacle of my academic career, it is this secret that reassures me more than anything else that internal medicine is the path for me. Growing up, contact sports (and probably not enough milk!) exposed me to surgeons. They seemed like rock stars, owning the room and commanding respect in a way that has always stuck with me as they wielded their knowledge to help others. But as I began to experience medicine as a student, the interest and passion I felt for what I was learning superseded everything I thought I knew about what I wanted to do with my life. As a quarterback for the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, I cultivated the ability to lead and motivate diverse groups of individuals in the pursuit of a common goal. I will utilize these skills to empower the incredibly unique workforce our profession so proudly boasts, fostering an atmosphere rooted in trust. I will help patients become their own best advocates by communicating in a way that is understandable and motivational. I am invigorated by the interactions and relationships I establish with my colleagues and patients, knowing full and well that internal medicine will allow me to make these deeper connections a cornerstone of my career as a physician.

Why I Chose Cincinnati
The program at UC could be the best kept secret in internal medicine! The patient-centered and outcome-driven
approach to medical education provides a great framework for residents to make an immediate and impactful difference
in the communities they serve while developing the skills necessary to one day be outstanding attending physicians. In
addition, the sense of camaraderie I felt between residents at UC is exactly what I was looking for in a training program.
When combined with the opportunity for both my wife and I to return home to our families and friends with a new baby
boy in our arms, there was no better fit for me than UC.


MD: The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences