Andrew Hensley

Andrew K Hensley

Graduate Assistant

Professional Summary

I will be doing my masters research on recently extinct rodents from Hispaniola. Using isotope analysis of bone collagen and tooth enamel, I hope to help build a better picture of the recent ecosystem on the island and help clarify what led to the decline of these species. I am also very interested in the applications of isotope ecology on Eocene mammals, as well as the use of GIS technologies in paleontology and science communication.


B.S. Geographic Information Science: Eastern Kentucky University Richmond, KY, 2020


Poster Presentations

Andrew Hensley, Walter Borowski (04-2022. ) High-Resolution Stratigraphy and Lithology of an Outcrop within the Grundy Formation (Pennsylvanian), Southeast Kentucky .Geological Society of America join-section Southeast & Midwest meeting., Cincinnati, OH. . Level:Regional

Paper Presentations

Andrew Hensley, Walter Borowski (11-2019. ) High-Resolution Lithology and Stratigraphy of a Roadcut near Coldiron (Harlan County), Southeastern Kentucky .Kentucky Academy of Sciences. Level:State