Caitlin Hines

Caitlin Olson Hines

Assistant Professor

Blegen Library


A&S Classics - 0226

Professional Summary

Caitlin Hines (PhD, University of Toronto 2018) is a philologist specializing in Latin and Greek poetry, particularly the works of Vergil and Ovid. Her research interests include intertextuality, metapoetics, and the sexual and fertility politics of the Augustan age. Her current book project examines the metamorphosis of the Latin word viscera in the Ovidian corpus as a touchstone for shifting political and cultural anxieties at Rome. 


B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2013 (Classics)

Ph.D., University of Toronto 2018 (Classics)

Positions and Work Experience

2018 -2020 Postdoctoral Fellow in Classics, Wake Forest University,

2020 - Assistant Professor of Classics, Philology, University of Cincinnati ,