Jay Holden

Jay Holden

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A&S Psychology - 0376

Professional Summary

Jay Holden’s research focuses on elementary cognitive activities, such as reading and decision-making. He has experience teaching Applied Cognitive and Statistics courses such as Ecological & Cognitive Task Analysis, Human-Computer Interaction & Display Design, as well as Undergraduate and Graduate Linear and Nonlinear Statistics.


Ph.D.: Arizona State University Tempe, AZ, 2000 (Cognitive Systems)

Abbreviated Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications

Holden, J. G., Rajaraman, S. (2012). The self-organization of a spoken word. Frontiers in Psychology, 3, 209. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2012.00209.

Holden, John G, Ma, Tao, & Serota, Rostislav A (2013). Change is time: a comment on "Physiologic time: a hypothesis." Physics of life reviews, 10(2), 231-2.More Information

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Fleming, Sheila M, Jordan, Maria C, Mulligan, Caitlin K, Masliah, Eliezer, Holden, John G, Millard, Ronald W, Chesselet, Marie-Françoise, & Roos, Kenneth P (2013). Impaired baroreflex function in mice overexpressing alpha-synuclein. Frontiers in neurology, 4, 103.More Information

Riley, M. A., & Holden, J. G. (2012). Dynamics of cognition. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science. doi: 10.1002/wcs.1200.

Holden, John G, Riley, Michael A, Gao, Jianbo, & Torre, Kjerstin (2013). Fractal analyses: statistical and methodological innovations and best practices. Frontiers in physiology, 4, 97.More Information

van Rooij, Marieke M J W, Nash, Bertha A, Rajaraman, Srinivasan, & Holden, John G (2013). A fractal approach to dynamic inference and distribution analysis. Frontiers in physiology, 4, 1.More Information

Holden, J. G., Choi, I., Amazeen, P. G., & Van Orden, G. (2011). Fractal 1/ƒ Dynamics Suggest Entanglement of Measurement and Human Performance. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 37, 935-948.

Kello, Christopher T, Brown, Gordon D A, Ferrer-I-Cancho, Ramon, Holden, John G, Linkenkaer-Hansen, Klaus, Rhodes, Theo, & Van Orden, Guy C (2010). Scaling laws in cognitive sciences. Trends in cognitive sciences, 14(5), 223-32.

More Information

Van Orden, G. C., Kello, C. T., & Holden, J. G.  (2010).  Situated behavior and the place of measurement in psychological theory.  Ecological Psychology, 22, 24-43.

Holden, John G, Van Orden, Guy C, & Turvey, Michael T (2009). Dispersion of response times reveals cognitive dynamics. Psychological review, 116(2), 318-42.

More Information

Kello, Christopher T, Beltz, Brandon C, Holden, John G, & Van Orden, Guy C (2007). The emergent coordination of cognitive function. Journal of experimental psychology. General, 136(4), 551-68.

More Information

Van Orden, Guy C, Holden, John G, & Turvey, Michael T (2005). Human cognition and 1/f scaling. Journal of experimental psychology. General, 134(1), 117-23.

More Information

Colangelo, Annette, Holden, John G, Buchanan, Lori, & Van Orden, Guy C. Speculation about behavior, brain damage, and self-organization: the other way to herd a cat. Brain and language, 90(1-3), 151-9.

More Information

Van Orden, Guy C, Holden, John G, & Turvey, Michael T (2003). Self-organization of cognitive performance. Journal of experimental psychology. General, 132(3), 331-50.

More Information

Van Orden, Guy C, Moreno, Miguel A, & Holden, John G (2003). A proper metaphysics for cognitive performance. Nonlinear dynamics, psychology, and life sciences, 7(1), 49-60.

Holden, J G, Flach, J M, & Donchin, Y (1999). Perceptual-motor coordination in an endoscopic surgery simulation. Surgical endoscopy, 13(2), 127-32.

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Holden, J. G., Greijn, L. T., van Rooij, M. M. J. W., Wijnants, M. L., & Bosman, A. M. T. (2014). Dyslexic and Skilled Reading Dynamics are Self-Similar. Annals of Dyslexia, 64, 202-221

*Castillo, R. D., Kloos, H. Holden, J. G., & Richardson, M. J. (2015). Long-range correlations in patterns of recurrence in children and adults’ attention to hierarchical displays. Frontiers in physiology, 6.

*Ma, T., Serota, R. A., & Holden, J. G. (2015). Distribution of human response times. Complexity.


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(Psych 1001 Steering Committee ) Member Type:Departmental Service Level:Department 01-2014 -To Present

Courses Taught

-PSYC-1001 INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY Level:Undergraduate

15-PSYCH-3041-Cognition In the Wild Level:Undergraduate