Shahla Hosseini

Shahla Hosseini

Asst Professor - Adj COM

One Stetson Square

COM Neurology PM&R - 0530

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
260 Stetson Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Professional Summary

Outpatient Neurorehabilitation
​Muscle spasticity
​Gait Rehabilitation
Multiple Sclerosis
Spinal cord injury


Medical Degree/PhD, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine 2008

BS, University of Maryland Baltimore County Maryland, 1999 (Biochemistry)


Peer Reviewed Publications

Hosseini, Shahla M; Oyster, Michelle L; Kirby, R Lee; Harrington, Amanda L; Boninger, Michael L (2012. )Manual wheelchair skills capacity predicts quality of life and community integration in persons with spinal cord injury.Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation, ,93 (12 ),2237-43

Hosseini, Shahla M; Biglan, Minhnoi W; Larkby, Cynthia; Brooks, Maria M; Gorin, Michael B; Day, Nancy L (2009. )Trait anxiety in pregnant women predicts offspring birth outcomes.Paediatric and perinatal epidemiology, ,23 (6 ),557-66

Woo, Daniel; Kruger, Andrew J; Sekar, Padmini; Haverbusch, Mary; Osborne, Jennifer; Moomaw, Charles J; Martini, Sharyl; Hosseini, Shahla M; Ferioli, Simona; Worrall, Bradford B; Elkind, Mitchell S V; Sung, Gene; James, Michael L; Testai, Fernando D; Langefeld, Carl D; Broderick, Joseph P; Koch, Sebastian; Flaherty, Matthew L (2016. )Incontinence and gait disturbance after intraventricular extension of intracerebral hemorrhage.Neurology, ,86 (10 ),905-11

Other Publications

Hosseini, S. M. (2006. )Maternal anxiety during pregnancy: Its relations to birth outcomes and to offspring depression during late childhood and adolescence .PhD Dissertation,

Book Chapter

Hosseini, S. M. and Chimes, G. P. (2012 )Musculoskeletal: Low Back Pain Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference (Series): Geriatric Rehabilitation .(pp. 114-116).New York City,Demos Medical Publishing(Co-Author)

Post Graduate Training and Education

Internship & Residency, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, ,Pittsburgh, PA

Research and Practice Interests

Contact Information

Academic - University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
260 Stetson Street
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45219
Phone: 513-558-2919
Fax: 513-558-4458