Lisa  Wenstrup, AuD

Lisa Houston Wenstrup, AuD


Medical Sciences Building

COM Oto Audiology A - 0528

University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute
3113 Bellevue Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219


Bachelor of Science, West Liberty State College West Liberty, West Virginia, 2000 (Speech and Hearing Science)

Master of Arts, University of Cincinnati Cincinnati OH, 2002 (Audiology)

UC Health Clinical Focus


UC Health Specialities



American Speech-Language-Hearing Association



Peer Reviewed Publications

Liang C.;Houston L.M.;Samy R.N.;Abedelrehim L.M.I.;Zhang F. (11-01-2018. )Cortical Processing of Frequency Changes Reflected by the Acoustic Change Complex in Adult Cochlear .Audiology and Neurotology, ,23 (3 ),152-164

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Sims S.;Houston L.;Schweinzger I.;Samy R. (10-01-2017. )Closing the gap in cochlear implant access for African-Americans: A story of outreach and collaborat.Current Opinion in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, ,25 (5 ),365-369

Han J.;Zhang F.;Kadis D.;Houston L.;Samy R.;Smith M.;Dimitrijevic A. (01-01-2016. )Auditory cortical activity to different voice onset times in cochlear implant users.Clinical Neurophysiology, ,127 (2 ),1603-1617

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Zhang F.;Blankenship C.;Xiang J.;Houston L.;Samy R. (01-01-2015. )The effects of noise vocoding on gap detection thresholds.Cochlear Implants International, ,16 (6 ),331-340

Zhang F.;Anderson J.;Samy R.;Houston L. (03-26-2010. )The adaptive pattern of the late auditory evoked potential elicited by repeated stimuli in cochlear .International Journal of Audiology, ,49 (4 ),277-285

Zhang F.;Samy R.;Anderson J.;Houston L. (11-27-2009. )Recovery function of the late auditory evoked potential in cochlear implant users and normal-hearing.Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, ,20 (7 ),397-408

Post Graduate Training and Education

2006-2008 Doctor of Audiology , Pennsylvania College of Optometry distance , ,Elkins Park, PA

Contact Information

Clinical - University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute
3113 Bellevue Avenue
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45219
Phone: 513-475-8453
Fax: 513-475-8412