Jeremy Hudson

Jeremy Hudson

Medical Resident/Fellow

Professional Summary

Personal Statement
“What are you doing to get stuff done for my daughter? Because she is actually getting better now.” A smile slowly appeared on her face and that is when I understood. The patient had come to the hospital several times and every time she had a different complaint, one that could never be fully solved by the admitting team. Finally, she received an answer. I am not proclaiming to be the hero in the story. I just happened to be on the team when we diagnosed her. There was nothing special I did. Sure, I advocated for additional imaging that put the final piece in the puzzle, but my residents were already debating on doing so. However, to that patient and her mother, I was the reason why her daughter was getting better. She thought that due to how frequently I came to visit the room, how I was able to relate to them both through a mutual love of Southern music, and how I was always willing to simplify the difficult concepts and medical jargon. To them, that meant the world. With this experience, I realized that I wanted to become the kind of physician who stays directly involved in the patients’ care and needs.
Why I Chose Cincinnati
The biggest reason why I chose the University of Cincinnati was its equal focus on being patient-centered, having a growth mindset, and evidence-based learning strategies. I personally believe that the well-being of patients can be improved when they are fully involved in their own healthcare. I also think that the University of Cincinnati internal medicine program really homes in on this aspect of care and amplify it.
Also, I truly believe that with the program focused on training residents using state-of-the-art learning techniques along with the strong central philosophy of having a growth mindset will help me become the best physician I can be and serve me well wherever I go to practice medicine.


MD: University of Mississippi School of Medicine