Thomas Huston

Thomas Richard Huston

Professor - Educator

Professor Educator, Co-director of the Joint Co-op Institute

Rhodes Hall


CEAS - Mechanical Eng - 0072

Research Support

Grant: #T42 OH008432 Investigators:Banerjee, Rupak; Bhattacharya, Amit; Burroughs, Guy; Cardarelli, John; Davis, Kermit; Davis, Linda Sue; Genter, Mary Beth; Gillespie, Gordon; Grinshpun, Sergey; Haynes, Erin; Huston, Thomas; Jarrell, Judy; Jones, James; Kennerly, Susan; Kim, J.; Kupferle, Margaret; Lemasters, Grace; Lim, Teik; Lockey, James; McKay, Roy; Meyer, Mary-Ursula; Reid, Jon; Reponen, Tiina; Rice, Carol; Ross, Clara; Schulz, Mark; Shanov, Vesselin; Son, Sang Young; Spitz, Henry; Stuebbe, Philip; Talaska, Glenn; Yap, Tracey 07-01-2011 -06-30-2016 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Education and Research Center Role:Collaborator $6,006,722.00 Active Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Shell R.;Okogbaa O.;Huston T. (08-01-1985. ) WORK STATION OF THE FUTURE FOR KNOWLEDGE WORKERS. Industrial Engineering, , 17 (8 ) ,54-56, 58, 60

Mital A.;Sanghavi N.;Huston T. (01-01-1985. ) STUDY OF FACTORS DEFINING THE 'OPERATOR-HAND TOOL SYSTEM' AT THE WORK PLACE.International Journal of Production Research, , 23 (2 ) ,297-314 More Information