Fenfang Hwu

Fenfang Hwu


Old Chemistry Building


A&S Romance & Arabic Languages & Literat - 0377

Professional Summary

  • Computer Assisted Language Learning: grammar instruction, input, learner-behavior tracking, productive and receptive practice, pronunciation, research methods.
  • Second Language Acquisition: individual differences in language aptitude and personality preferences, input enhancement, pedagogical grammar, practice.
  • Spanish Linguistics: phonetics, preterite vs. imperfect.


PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research and Practice Interests

Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Second Language Acquisition, Spanish Linguistics

Abbreviated Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications

Hwu, F. (2015). Task promoting hypothesis-testing and providing communicative need via comic-creation. Proceedings of the 17th International CALL Research Conference, 301-304.

Hwu, F. (2014). A Comic creation tool for adaptive-imitation practice: Research design considerations. Proceedings of the 16th International CALL Research Conference, 177-181.

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Hwu, F. (2007). Learners' strategies with a grammar application: The influence of language ability and personality preferences. ReCALL Journal, 19(2), 21–38.

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Hwu, F. (1991). Liquid assimilation in Havana Spanish. Kansas Working Papers in Linguistics, 16, 5975.

Other Publication

LaRocca, S., Egan, K., Hwu, F., & Delcloque, P. (2002). Integrating speech technology in (language) learning: review of InSTIL 2002. Elsnews. The Newsletter of European Network in Human Language Technologies, Spring, 1112.


Hwu, F. (2020). Learning Spanish Grammar through Everyday Conversational Comics. Preliminary Edition. San Diego: Cognella Academic Publishing.

Honors and Awards

2015 Fellow of the Academy of Fellows for Teaching and Learning. University of Cincinnati Status:Recipient Level:University Type:Recognition

2015 Recognition of hard work and dedication in teaching in Darwin T. Turner Scholars Program’s Breakfast of Champions. University of Cincinnati. Status:Recipient Level:University Type:Recognition

2014 Recognition of excellent teaching by CET&L’s (Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning) Thank Your Professor program, University of Cincinnati. Status:Recipient Level:University Type:Recognition

2012 Paper "A review of the use of script-based tracking in grammar applications for data sharing" chosen as ‘Selected Plenary’ in the 15th International CALL Research Conference Status:Recipient Level:International Type:Recognition

2012 Best Plenary Speaker award in the 15th International CALL Research Conference Status:Recipient Level:International Type:Recognition