George Jewell

George R Jewell , PhD,ABPP-CN

Staff Psychologist

Stetson Building
Suite 2300
260 Stetson Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
Phone 513-558-2968


Fellowship: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Oklahoma City, OK, (Clinical Neuropsychology)

Bachelor's Degree: Bemedji State University Bemidji, MN, 1996 (Psychology)

Doctoral Degree: University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL, 2005 (Medical/Clinical Psychology)

Doctoral Fellowship: University of Oklahoma Oklahoma City, OK, 2007 (Neuropsychology)


American Board of Professional Psychology (Certification Date: 11-06-2009 )

Clinical Interests

Cognitive Disorders

Mood Disorders


Alzheimer's Disease

Concussion in Athletes


Early Anset Dementia

Epilepsy-Related Cognitive Dysfunction

Lewy Body Dementia

Memory Disorders

Posterior Cortical Atrophy


Clinical Neuropsychology

Research and Practice Interests

Cerebrovascular, memory disorders, traumatic brain injury and brain tumors. 


Peer Reviewed Publications

English, Brett A; Jewell, Michele; Jewell, George; Ambrose, Sandra; Davis, Lori L (2006. ) Treatment of chronic posttraumatic stress disorder in combat veterans with citalopram: an open trial.Journal of clinical psychopharmacology, , 26 (1 ) ,84-8 More Information

Mennemeier, Mark; Pierce, Christopher A; Chatterjee, Anjan; Anderson, Britt; Jewell, George; Dowler, Rachael; Woods, Adam J; Glenn, Tannahill; Mark, Victor W (2005. ) Biases in attentional orientation and magnitude estimation explain crossover: neglect is a disorder of both.Journal of cognitive neuroscience, , 17 (8 ) ,1194-211 More Information

Pierce, Christopher A; Jewell, George; Mennemeier, Mark (2003. ) Are psychophysical functions derived from line bisection reliable?.Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society : JINS, , 9 (1 ) ,72-8 More Information

Mennemeier, Mark; Vezey, Elsie; Lamar, Melissa; Jewell, George (2002. ) Crossover is not a consequence of neglect: a test of the orientation/estimation hypothesis. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society : JINS, , 8 (1 ) ,107-14

Jewell, G; McCourt, M E (2000. ) Pseudoneglect: a review and meta-analysis of performance factors in line bisection tasks.Neuropsychologia, , 38 (1 ) ,93-110 More Information

McCourt, M E; Jewell, G (1999. ) Visuospatial attention in line bisection: stimulus modulation of pseudoneglect.Neuropsychologia, , 37 (7 ) ,843-55 More Information

Contact Information

Academic - Stetson Building
Suite 2300
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45219
Phone: 513-558-2968