Emily Allgire

Emily Nicole Allgire

Graduate Assistant

Professional Summary

My interest lies in identifying mechanisms of peripheral inflammation and central nervous system communication to understand the relationship between asthma and posttraumatic stress disorder.


Bachelor of Science: Baldwin Wallace University Berea, OH, 2018 (Neuroscience Senior Defense: Effects of Ketamine as a novel antidepressant on depressive behaviors and synaptogenesis in Zebrafish (Danio Rerio))

PhD: University of Cincinnati University of Cincinnati, (In Progress)

Positions and Work Experience

05-2019 - Graduate Assistant, PhD candidate, in the Sah lab, Conducting behavioral and inflammatory mechanistic research on the association between asthma and PTSD in mice., University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

03-2017 -06-2017 Undergraduate Research Intern, Data analysis and transfer in research on risk taking behavior in adolescents in the context of driving and awareness., University of the Sunshine Coast: Sunshine Coast Mind & Neuroscience Thompson Institute, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

05-2016 -08-2016 Summer Undergraduate Research Fello, Assisted in research analyzing effects of LTP/LTD on receptor expression and learning and memory behavior., University of Texas Health Science Center of San Antonio (UTHSCSA), San Antonio, TX

Research Support

Grant: #NS007453-18 2018 -2020 National Institute of Health T32 Completed Type:Grant

Grant: #VA billing agreement Allgire Investigators:Allgire, Emily; Sah, Renu 01-01-2022 -12-31-2022 Department of Veterans Affairs Billing Agreement for Trainee Appointment to VA merit Award 2I01BX001075-08 Role:Collaborator 33248.00 Hold Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Lewkowich, I; Ahlbrand, R; Johnson, E; McAlees, J; Nawreen, N; Raman, R; Lingel, I; Hargis, J; Hoover, C; Sah, R (2020. ) Modulation of fear behavior and neuroimmune alterations in house dust mite exposed A/J mice, a model of severe asthma.Brain, behavior, and immunity, , 88 ,688-698 More Information


Poster Presentations

Anastasiadis, W., Hira, S., Johnson, E., Matia, A. and Mathes C. (10-2015. ) Establishing Taste Detection Thresholds in Male Sprague-Dawley Rats .The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. . Conference. . Level:Regional

Johnson, E., Bulin, S., Morilak, D. (11-2016. ) A Study on the Effects of Optogenetically Induced Long-Term Depression on Function of MDT-mPFC Pathway .Society for Neuroscience International Conference, San Diego, CA. . Conference. . Level:International

Johnson, E (01-2020. ) Understanding Asthma-PTSD risk and comorbidity: Models and Mechanisms .University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH. . UC. . Level:Department

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