Michael Johnston

Michael E. Johnston

Resident in General Surgery


Medical Degree, Indiana University 2017

Bachelor's Degree, Purdue University 2013 (Biology)

Positions and Work Experience

2011 -2013 Teaching Assistant – Purdue University, Taught four courses during my junior and senior years including Cellular and Molecular Biology Laboratory, Genetics, Biological Macromolecules and Principles of Physiology Laboratory. ,

2012 - Precollege Research Mentor – Purdue University, Leader and overseer for five Puerto Rican students’ research projects. Represented Purdue University at research symposium in Puerto Rico, where students presented their research posters from the preceding summer’s projects.,

2012 -2013 Tutor, Purdue Athletic Department – Purdue University, Tutored Purdue student athletes in individually customized sessions, including topics on biology, chemistry, and physics.,

2006 -2011 Manager, Harbor Links Golf Club - Liberty, Indiana, Oversaw clubhouse finances and scheduling. Assisted in course maintenance and upkeep.,

Research and Practice Interests

Research Experience:
Department of Surgery – University of Cincinnati Medical Center 
Primary Investigator – Sameer Patel, MD
"Surgical Oncology and the Geriatric Patient" - Submitted to Clinics of Geriatrics – Surgery in the Geriatric Patient (2018);
Johnston M, Sussman J, Patel S

Department of Surgery – Indiana University School of Medicine
Primary Investigator – Eugene P. Ceppa, MD FACS
• Laparoscopic Gastroepiploic Lymph Node Harvesting for Life Limiting Lymphedema: A Novel Technique
Surgical Laparoscopic Endoscopic Percutaneous Techniques (2017);
Johnston M, Socas J, Hunter J, Ceppa E
o Author on abstract focused on Screening for Pancreatic Cancer in BRCA 2 Carriers to AHPBA Conference
o Video abstract on Laparoscopic Gastroepiploic Lymph Node Harvesting for Life Limiting Lymphedema with Incorporation of Indocyanin Green accepted to SAGES 2017
o Educational video on Laparoscopic Gastroepiploic Lymph Node Harvesting for Life Limiting Lymphedema with Incorporation of Indocyanin Green submitted to American College of Surgeons Collegiate Conference 2017

Department of Dermatology – Indiana University School of Medicine    
Primary Investigator – Jeffrey Travers, MD
• Radiation Therapy Generates Platelet-activating Factor Agonists
Oncotarget (2016);
Sahu R, Harrison H, Weyerbacher J, Murphy R, Knoger R, Garret J, Chin-Sinex H, Johnston M, Dynlacht J, Mendonca M, McMullen K, Lix G, Spandau D, Travers J
• Student Research Program in Academic Medicine
o Dark Side of Radiation Therapy: Platelet-activating Factor Agonists Generated as a By-Product of Radiation Therapy Augment Melanoma Tumor Growth
o Conducted over 12 weeks of basic science research. Wrote abstract and prepared poster presented at the AMA Medical Student Research Symposium in Dallas.
o Presented at and won the End of Summer Research Poster Session at IUSM.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Johnston, Michael E; Socas, Juan; Hunter, JoAnna L; Ceppa, Eugene P (2017. ) Laparoscopic Gastroepiploic Lymphovascular Pedicle Harvesting for the Treatment of Extremity Lymphedema: A Novel Technique.Surgical laparoscopy, endoscopy & percutaneous techniques, , 27 (3 ) ,e40-e43

Sahu, Ravi P; Harrison, Kathleen A; Weyerbacher, Jonathan; Murphy, Robert C; Konger, Raymond L; Garrett, Joy Elizabeth; Chin-Sinex, Helen Jan; Johnston, Michael Edward; Dynlacht, Joseph R; Mendonca, Marc; McMullen, Kevin; Li, Gengxin; Spandau, Dan F; Travers, Jeffrey B (2016. ) Radiation therapy generates platelet-activating factor agonists.Oncotarget, , 7 (15 ) ,20788-800

Johnston, Michael E; Sussman, Jeffrey J; Patel, Sameer H (2019. ) Surgical Oncology and Geriatric Patients.Clinics in geriatric medicine, , 35 (1 ) ,53-63

Honors and Awards

2013 Nominee for Purdue University Commencement Speech

2013 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Honor Roll, Purdue University

2013 Purdue College of Science Outstanding Senior

2013 Zdobylak ALS/Neuroscience Scholarship

2014 Winner of the Indiana University School of Medicine Research Poster Presentation

2016 ACS Collegiate Congress Travel Scholarship, Indiana University Department of Surgery

2013 -2017 Indiana University Medical Student Scholar Merit Scholarship $130,000 Scholarship awarded over four years for premedical merit.

2017 Indiana University School of Medicine Elite 50 Graduate Student Award Top ten graduate students of Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis

2017 Excellence in Public Health Award, U.S. Public Health Service Physician Professional Advisory Committee

2018 -2019 Department of Surgery Best Teaching Resident Award


President, Class of 2017 - Indiana University School of Medicine 2013 -2017

Co-founder, Student Engagement, Enrichment, and Development Fund – Indiana University School of Medicine 2015 -2017

Developer, College and House - Indiana University School of Medicine 2015 -2017

President, Surgery Student Interest Group – Indiana University School of Medicine 2016 -2017

Founder, Class of 2017 Golf Outing Charity Event – Indiana University School of Medicine 2014 -2016

Advertising Committee, LCME Accreditation - Indiana University School of Medicine 2015 -2016

President/Co-Founder, Second Year Show – Indiana University School of Medicine 2014 -2015

Founder, Thrive Community Outreach Program – Indiana University School of Medicine 2014

Trip Leader, Nicaragua Pre-medical Outreach Trip – Indiana University School of Medicine 2013

Speaker, Pre-medicine Orientation – Purdue University 2013

President, Caduceus Club – Purdue University 2012 -2013

Volunteer, Medical Outreach Trips – Purdue University 2009 -2013

Professional Affiliation

2013 -To Present: Member of Indiana State Medical Association

2013 -To Present: Member of American Medical Association

2016 -To Present: Resident Member of the American College of Surgeons

Contact Information

Academic - Medical Sciences Building
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati  Ohio, 45267-0558
Phone: 513-558-4206