Katherine Castiello Jones

Katherine Castiello Jones

Assoc Professor - Educator

Undergraduate Program Director (PhD, University of Massachusetts-Amherst), Sociology

Crosley Tower


A&S Sociology - 0378

Professional Summary

Dr. Castiello Jones' research focuses on gender, sexuality, and culture. Her current research projects examine abstinence promotion in the US, and movements (re)claiming sexuality after experiences with purity culture. They also write extensively on topics related to games and game design including sexuality in games, inclusive design, and integrating feminist theories of play into game design scholarship. 
In addition to their research, they been writing table-top and live-action role-playing games (larps) for over a decade. Dr. Castiello Jones' games have been featured at festivals such as Indiecade and BlackBox Copenhagen, and she was an invited guest at The Smoke festival in London in 2020. 


PhD: University of Massachusetts-Amherst Amherst, MA, 2018