Angelle Jones

Angelle Dominque Jones

Graduate Assistant


Peer Reviewed Publications

Hunt, Brian G; Fox, Levi H; Davis, James C; Jones, Angelle; Lu, Zhixin; Waltz, Susan E (2023. ) An Introduction and Overview of RON Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Signaling.Genes, , 14 (2 ) , More Information

Brown, Nicholas E; Jones, Angelle; Hunt, Brian G; Waltz, Susan E (2022. ) Prostate tumor RON receptor signaling mediates macrophage recruitment to drive androgen deprivation therapy resistance through Gas6-mediated Axl and RON signaling.The Prostate, , 82 (15 ) ,1422-1437 More Information

Hunt, Brian G; Jones, Angelle; Lester, Carissa; Davis, James C; Benight, Nancy M; Waltz, Susan E (2022. ) RON (MST1R) and HGFL (MST1) Co-Overexpression Supports Breast Tumorigenesis through Autocrine and Paracrine Cellular Crosstalk.Cancers, , 14 (10 ) , More Information