Jerry Jordan

Jerry M. Jordan

Donor Communication Lead-9

Research Associate

Hoxworth Center (4-5)

Hoxworth Appointment Center - 0055

Professional Summary

Dr. Jerry M. Jordan joined ESC in July of 2007. He earned his doctorate in Communication Studies with an additional emphasis in quantitative research methods. Prior to joining ESC he was a tenured faculty member at Wittenberg University and in the Department of Communication here at UC. Dr. Jordan is involved in the evaluation of the Ohio college access program, GEARUP. He is also involved in the assessment of the mathematics intervention programs directed by the Kentucky Center for Mathematics at Northern Kentucky University.


Ph.D.: Northwestern University Evanston, IL, 1993 (Communication )

M.A.: University of Montana Missoula, Montana, 1987 (Communication)

B.A.: University of Toledo Toledo, OH, 1985 (Communication)

In Progress: University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, (Social Work)

Positions and Work Experience

07-2007 -To Present Research Associate, University of Cincinnati; Evaluation Services Center; College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services,

09-2006 -06-2007 Adjunct Instructor, University of Cincinnati; Clermont College,

08-2002 -04-2006 Associate Professor with tenure, Wittenberg University; Department of Communication, Springfield, OH

09-1997 -08-2002 Associate Professor with tenure, University of Cincinnati, Department of Communication , Cincinnati, OH

09-1991 -08-1997 Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati, Department of Communication , Cincinnati, OH

Research Support

Grant: # NCE Task Order 48 Investigators:Jordan, Jerry 12-15-1999 -06-30-2000 Department of Energy Assessing the Engineer Education Needs at Fluor Daniel Fernald for Managed Attrition Role:PI $41,364.00 Closed Level:Federal


Peer Reviewed Publications

Jordan, J. M., & Bahk, C. M. (2001. ) The cognitive bases and social consequences of communication involvement: Exploring the association between media and interpersonal involvement .Communication Research Reports, , 18 , -1-15

Jordan, J. M. (1998. ) Executive cognitive control in communication: Extending plan-based theory .Human Communication Research, , 25 , -5-35

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Book Chapter

Roloff, M. E., & Jordan, J. M. (1992 ) Achieving negotiation goals: The fruits and foibles of planning ahead Communication and negotiation .(pp. -21-45).Newbury Park, CA, Sage


Invited Presentations

Jordan, J. M., & van den Hoogenhof, S. (2010. ) Assessing parental involvement .National Conference of GEARUP Directors, Cincinnati, OH.

Jordan, J. M. (2009. ) Empowering the consumers of evaluations of curriculum materials .Annual Meeting of the American Evaluation Association, Orlando, FL.

Jordan, J. M. (2009. ) The evaluation of streamlined curriculum materials for elementary level social studies .Annual Meeting of the National Council for Social Studies, Atlanta, GA.

Jordan, J. M. (2008. ) An illustration of utility of evaluation findings: Addressing teachers' perceptions .Annual Meeting of the American Evaluation Association, Denver, CO.

Jordan, J. M. (2003. ) Counterplanning and the obstacle hypothesis ."Spotlight Panel" at the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Communication Association, Washington, D.C..

Jordan, J. M. (2002. ) Uncertainty reduction theory: A theoretical exemplar .Annual Meeting of the Western States Communication Association, Long Beach, CA.

Jordan, J. M. (1998. ) An assessment view of the League of Women Voters National Dialogue Pilot Workshop .Environmental Communication Interest Group of the National Communication Association, New York, NY.

Poster Presentations

Castañeda-Emenaker, I., Jordan, J.M. & Matulis, J.M. (07-2008. ) The Stuff of Evaluation Champions .National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (NCCEP)/Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP), Washington, DC. . Conference. . Level:National

Paper Presentations

Morrison, J., Castañeda-Emenaker, I., Maltbie, C.V., Matulis, J.M. & Jordan, J.M. (11-2008. ) Evaluations of Professional Development in Education: When ‘Leave Them Smiling’ Is Not Enough .Denver, CO. Professional Meeting. Level:National

Jordan, J.M. & Castañeda-Emenaker, I. (11-2008. ) The Path Forward: Future Policy for the Evaluation of Professional Development for Educators .Denver, CO. Professional Meeting. Level:National

Castañeda-Emenaker, I., Matulis, J.M., Hung, H.L., & Jordan, J.M. (11-2008. ) Determining What Is Critical in the Program Evaluation of a Multi-Site College Access Program .Denver, CO. Professional Meeting. Level:National

Jordan, J. M. (2002. ) Communication skills as expertise in social problem solving .Milwaukee, WI.

Jordan, J. M., & Bahk, C. M. (1997. ) Involvement with the internet: Replacing or extending real relationships? .Chicago, IL.

Jordan, J. M. (1997. ) Executive functions in communication: Extending plan-based models .Chicago, IL.

Jordan, J. M. (1995. ) Cognitive competence: Modeling expertise in communication .San Antonio, TX.

Jordan, J. M. (1995. ) Discourse and caregiver stress: Planning for interactions with victims of Alzheimer's disease .San Antonio, TX.

Jordan, J. M. (1993. ) Cognitive plans as discourse generating structures .Albuquerque, NM.

Jordan, J. M. (1992. ) Testing a plan-based model of conversation .Chicago, IL.

Courses Taught

32-COMM-172 FUND OF SPEECH COMM Level:Undergraduate

32-COMM-172 FUND OF SPEECH COMM Level:Undergraduate

32-COMM-172 FUND OF SPEECH COMM Level:Undergraduate