Lawrence Jost

Lawrence J Jost

Ethics, Ancient Philosophy, Marx


B.A.: St. Joan Fisher College Rochester, N.Y., 1966 (Philosophy (with high honors))

M.A.: University of Chicago 1967 (Philosophy)

Ph.D.: University of Toronto 1973

Research and Practice Interests

Larry Jost's primary research interests are in the writings of Aristotle, Plato and other Greek philosophers from the Pre-Socratics through the various Hellenistic schools. He has also worked in ethics and social and political philsophy, especially the thought of Karl Marx. His main focus in recent years has been in the study of Aristotle's Eudemian Ethics, a work long eclipsed by the more familiar Nicomachean Ethics; the relationship between the two presents interesting problems for our understanding of Aristotle's philosophical development. But, he continues to do graduate courses and seminars on a variety of subjects, including the metaphysical and epistemological works of Plato, Aristotle, Skeptics and Stoics, their views on art and literature, the philosophy of mind, ethics, etc.. An avid student of Greek literature generally, with special appreciation of Homer, the tragedians and lyric poets, he has good ties with the quite strong Classics Department at the University of Cincinnati, and team-teaches with members of their department from time to time. In ethics he has worked on metaethical topics primarily (e.g. moral realism, naturalism, prescriptivism) as well as normative issues raised by utilitarianism and contemporary virtue theory.

Research Support

2003 Taft Publications Committee Subvention Grant to help defray publication costs of Eudaimonia & Well-Being: Ancient and Modern Conceptions $1000

1993 NEH Grant for the "Wealth and Values" Summer Seminar at UC

1990 -1991 Taft Grant-in-Aid for research expenses while at Oxford University

1989 NEH and Taft Travel to Collection Grant for research on manuscripts of The Eudemian Ethics of Aristotle at the Archiv Aristoteles, Die Freie Universität, Berlin; supplemented by a Taft grant for research.

1988 University of New Hampshire NEH Participant in Six-week Summer Seminar on Aristotle’s Biology, Metaphysics and Ethics

1983 NEH per diem Grant Grant to present paper, Owen's Objection to Logic & Metaphysics in The Eudemian Ethics of Aristotle, and participate in Aristotle Conference at Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida

1982 -1983 Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington Junior Fellow

1973 University of Cincinnati Reearch Council and Taft Committee Aristotle's Theory of Practical Reasoning, study in Oxford, England

1969 -1970 Canada Council Doctoral Fellow

1968 -1970 Province of Ontario Graduate Fellow

1966 -1967 Woodrow Wilson College Teaching Fellow

Abbreviated Publications

Encyclopedia Article

(2006). Virtue and Vice. In The Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2nd ed, (Vol. 9, pp. 678, 682).

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Book Chapter

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Paper Presentations

(2008. ) Aristotle on the Voluntary and the Sculpting of Character in His Ethical Works .Chicago.

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(03-03-2006. ) Aristotle’s Mistaken Take on The Philosophical Potential of History .Bowling Green, OH.

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(04-08-2004. ) Beyond Eliminative Situationalism in the Study of Moral Character: The Case for Evaluative Integration in Personality .New Orleans, LA.

(11-01-2003. ) Kenny on the Eudemian Ethics, 25 Years Later .Fordham University, New York City.

(04-05-2003. ) Aristotle, Sumner and Objective Theories of Well-Being .

(03-2003. ) Another Look at Plato on False Pleasures: Reply to Matt Evans .Texas A&M University.

(03-31-2001. ) Irwin, Aristotle and Moral Particularism: A Reply to Prof. Gilliland .San Francisco.

(04-2000. ) Virtue Ethics and the Social Psychology of Character: A Critique of Harman's 'Eliminative Situationalism .Atlanta, GA.

(08-1998. ) How Shall We Translate eudaimonia [happiness'? well-being?] in Aristotle's Ethics? .Boston.

(03-26-1998. ) Why does the Poetics lack an historical introduction? A reply to Edward Halper's 'Poetry, History and Dialectic .Pacific Division.

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(04-08-1972. ) Comments on Bernard Murchland's 'The Mythic Structure of Plato's Republic' .Columbus, OH.

(02-1971. ) Recent Naturalistic Analyses of 'Good' .University of Rochester; Rochester, New York.


Ethics, theoretical & applied; Greek philosophy; Social/ Political; Marx, Freud; philosophy and literature.