Susan Longfield Karr

Susan Longfield Karr , PhD

Asst Professor

Assistant Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Abbreviated Publications

Book Chapter

‘The Law of Nations is Common to All Mankins’: Jus gentium in Humanist Jurisprudence," in  Morality and Responsibility of Rulers:
Chinese and European Origins of a Rule of Law for World Order
, edited by Anthony Carty and Janne Nijman. (Anticipated Fall 2014; Oxford University Press).

Invited Publication

“Redefining jus to Restore Justice: Humanist Jurisprudence as Critique of Arbitrary Power” in Ad fontes? Reassessing Legal Humanism and its Claims edited by John W. Cairns. (Anticipated Fall 2014; University of Edinburgh Press).


Invited Presentations

Susan Longfield Karr (06-2015. ) (In Press. ) Book project symposium, Hong Kong. Other Institution. . Level:International


Susan Longfield Karr (09-2014). Comments on Constantin Fasolt' Limits of History and Pedagogy .University of Chicago. Other Institution. Level:University

Susan Longfield Karr (04-2015). Do Human Rights Have a Histoy? A Conference in Honor of Michael Geyer, University of Chicago. Other Institution. Level:International


Susan Longfield Karr (03-2015. ) “Dispossession, Dominion, and Dignity: Crisis of Conscience in 16th Century Europe.” .University of Cincinnati. UC. Level:University

Event Organized

“Shaking Historicism: A Symposium honoring ConstantinFasolt.”

“Shaking Historicism: A Symposium honoring ConstantinFasolt.” Symposium 09-13-2014 09-14-2014 University of Chicago

Courses Taught

15-HIST-742 LIT: EUR 1500-1700 Luxury & Consumption in Europe: Cultivating Wants, Disciplining Needs Level:Graduate

-HIST-2090 PIRATES AND TYRANTS Pirates, Brigands, and Tyrants Level:Undergraduate

-HIST-3056 RENAISS EUROPE European Renaissance: Power, Politics, and Persuasion Level:Undergraduate

-HIST-3000 THOUGHT AND METHODS Level:Undergraduate