William Kassing

William Kassing , PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor

UC Health Barrett Cancer Center
Department of Radiation Oncology
234 Goodman Street, ML0757
Cincinnati,, Ohio 45267-0757
Phone 513-584-2825
Fax 513-584-4007
Email william.kassing@uchealth.com


Doctoral Degree: University of Cincinnati College of Engineering 2001 (Nuclear and Radiological Engineering)

Master's Degree: University of Cincinnati College of Engineering 1988 (Health Physics)

Bachelor's Degree: Otterbein College 1979 (Chemistry Biology)

Research and Practice Interests

General medical physics, including radiation biology, treatment planning, and mathematical biological modeling.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Ahmad A; Luckstead M; Lamba M; Elson H; Kassing W. (2013. ) A Comparison of HDR Near Source Dosimetry Using a Treatment Planning System, Monte Carlo Simulation, and Radiochromic Film. .Medical Dosimetry, , (38 ) ,160-164

Zhang, J; Melhem, M; Kassing, W; Kelly, B; Wang, Y; Krishnamoorthy, M; Heffelfinger, S; Desai, P; Roy-Chaudhury, P (2007. ) In vitro paclitaxel and radiation effects on the cell types responsible for vascular stenosis: a preliminary analysis.Blood purification, , 25 (2 ) ,155-60 More Information

Barrett WL; Kassing WM; Shirazi R. (2004. ) Efficacy of Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer in African Americans compared with Caucasians. Brachytherapy, , 3 (1 ) ,30-33

Slate LJ; Elson HR; Lamba MA; Kassing WM; Soldano M; Barrett WL. (2004. ) A Monte Carlo Brachytherapy Study for Dose Distribution Prediction in an Inhomogeneous Medium .Medical Dosimetry, , 29 (4 ) ,271-278

Kassing WM; McGoron AJ; Thomas SR; Elson HR; Pipes DW. (2002. ) Monte Carlo Calculations of Dose Distribution for Intramural Delivery of Radioisotopes Using a Direct Injection Balloon Catheter. Cardiovascular Radiation Medicine, , 3 (1 ) ,44-48

McGoron AJ; Kassing WM; Thomas SR; Samaratunga RC; Pratt RG; Elson HR; Pipes DW. (1999. ) Intravascular Irradiation Using Re-186 Liquid-Filled Balloon Catheters: Correlation Between Experimental And Theoretical Studies. Cardiovascular Radiation Medicine, , 1 (4 ) ,368-375

Amoush, Ahmad; Luckstead, Marcus; Lamba, Michael; Elson, Howard; Kassing, William (2013. ) A comparison of HDR near source dosimetry using a treatment planning system, Monte Carlo simulation, and radiochromic film.Medical dosimetry : official journal of the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists, , 38 (2 ) ,160-4 More Information

Davis, Harold W; Vallabhapurapu, Subrahmanya D; Chu, Zhengtao; Vallabhapurapu, Swarajya L; Franco, Robert S; Mierzwa, Michelle; Kassing, William; Barrett, William L; Qi, Xiaoyang (2019. ) Enhanced phosphatidylserine-selective cancer therapy with irradiation and SapC-DOPS nanovesicles.Oncotarget, , 10 (8 ) ,856-868 More Information

Contact Information

Academic - UC Health Barrett Cancer Center
Department of Radiation Oncology
Cincinnati,  Ohio, 45267-0757
Phone: 513-584-2825
Fax: 513-584-4007