Youssef Khafateh

Youssef Khafateh , MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical


Residency: University of Louisville (Anatomic and Clinical Pathology)

Fellowship: University of Pennsylvania (Surgical Pathology)

Fellowship: Indiana University (Hematopathology)

Medical Degree: Tishreen University School of Medicine


American Board of Pathology (Anatomic and Clinical Pathology) (Certification Date: 11-15-2020 )

American Board of Pathology (Hematology) (Certification Date: 09-24-2022 )

Clinical Interests


Hematologic Malignancies


Pathology-Anatomic and Clinical



Peer Reviewed Publications

Reese, Zachary A; Lanfranco, Anthony; Khafateh, Youssef; Heath, Janae K (2022. ) Following the Brick Road: A Woman with Dyspnea, Hypoxemia, and Ground-Glass Opacities with Septal Thickening on Thoracic Imaging.Annals of the American Thoracic Society, , 19 (5 ) ,845-849 More Information

Khafateh, Youssef; Aqil, Barina (2020. ) Tryptase Positivity in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia With Marked Basophilia.Cureus, , 12 (8 ) ,e9577 More Information

Chandrasekaran, Balaji; Pal, Deeksha; Kolluru, Venkatesh; Tyagi, Ashish; Baby, Becca; Dahiya, Nisha R; Youssef, Khafateh; Alatassi, Houda; Ankem, Murali K; Sharma, Arun K; Damodaran, Chendil (2018. ) The chemopreventive effect of withaferin A on spontaneous and inflammation-associated colon carcinogenesis models.Carcinogenesis, , 39 (12 ) ,1537-1547 More Information

Puskur, Bhavani; Khafateh, Youssef; Ramachandran, Srikant; Corcino, Veronica; Burns, Mark; and Arnold, Forest W (2017. ) "A 49-Year-Old Woman with Chronic Skin Lesions, Acute Mental Status Changes and New Pulmonary Infiltrate: Case Discussion from the University of Louisville Hospital." The University of Louisville Journal of Respiratory Infections, , 1 (3 ) , More Information

Khafateh, Youssef; Preciado, Christopher; Elder, David E; Litzky, Leslie A; Vaughn, David J; Singhal, Sunil; Lal, Priti; Palmer, Matthew B. (2022. ) Malignant Melanoma Arising in a Primary Mediastinal Teratoma: Case Report of a Rare Phenomenon and Review of the Literature .AJSP: Reviews & Reports, , 27 (1 ) ,33