Sabber Khandoozi

Sabber Khandoozi

Graduate Assistant


Professional Summary

Passionate about researching and implementing effective methods for mitigating the impacts of climate change. Focused expertise in geological CO2 storage, leveraging geoscientific insights to develop sustainable solutions for reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Committed to addressing the critical challenges of our time through innovative environmental strategies.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Khandoozi S.; Pourafshary P.; Aidarova S.; Sharipova A. (10-15-2023. ) A comparative analysis of the effect of nanoparticles/surfactant assisted foam injection on the gas .Fuel, , 350 , More Information

Khandoozi S.; Hazlett R.; Fustic M. (09-01-2023. ) A critical review of CO2 mineral trapping in sedimentary reservoirs – from th.Earth-Science Reviews, , 244 , More Information

Shahbazi E.; Moradzadeh A.; Khandoozi S.; Riazi M. (09-15-2022. ) Experimental investigation of the controversial effects of a cationic surfactant with brine on spont.Journal of Molecular Liquids, , 362 , More Information

Negahdari Z.; Khandoozi S.; Ghaedi M.; Malayeri M.R. (02-01-2022. ) Optimization of injection water composition during low salinity water flooding in carbonate rocks: A.Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, , 209 , More Information

Negahdari Z.; Malayeri M.R.; Ghaedi M.; Khandoozi S.; Riazi M. (02-01-2021. ) Gradual or Instantaneous Wettability Alteration During Simulation of Low-Salinity Water Flooding in .Natural Resources Research, , 30 (1 ) ,495-517 More Information

Khandoozi S.; Malayeri M.R.; Riazi M.; Ghaedi M. (06-01-2020. ) Inspectional and dimensional analyses for scaling of low salinity waterflooding (LSWF): From core to.Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, , 189 , More Information

Book Chapter

(2022 ) Chapter 3 - Enhanced oil recovery using surfactants Chemical Methods .

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